Trump’s America – Episode # 130 – Donald’s ‘Angels?’


By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. July 19, 2019: I had every intention of making this episode about the 50th anniversary this week of the greatest achievement in human history Apollo 11 but …

 Reality interfered again here in Trump’s America. I will try to conclude on a high note by bringing in Apollo 11 and the Moon but for now …

Some people don’t think Donald Trump has any BEST friends …

I can name FOUR! The Congress members from HELL …

HELL bent on re-electing Donald Trump to a second term!

There was a silly show from the 1970s masquerading as serious crime drama most of us have never seen but its name anyway is woven into pop culture as iconic in its own way CHARLIE’S ANGELS …

In this show some guy named “Charlie” the boss who is never seen gives instructions and orders to a small group of female detectives who are then responsible for solving a variety of crimes and catching the bad guy.

NOW finally we have a not so funny 21st century remake …

STARING Donald Trump and four women who may “secretly” work for him. Their assignments are ALWAYS the same – RE-ELECT Trump President!

Put another way – they very much have an AGENDA that I will get to later.

You know who they are so no need to name them. Affectionately known as ‘The Squad’ within some circles. To others they are a Wrecking Crew. Their hearts may be in the right place, but their rhetoric defines them like Trump!

They are Fearsome Warriors, unfortunately “helping” the Dark Side.

Trump is just setting a trap for Democrats and they are walking right into it thanks to The Squad. Here how:

1) As we know, the Presidential election will NOT be won by the popular vote. If it was, Donald Trump would never be President.

2) In fact, only between 4-8 SWING states are THE ELECTION.

3) It does NOT matter if the Democratic candidate in NY or CAL

gets 90 % of the vote or 100%. That is IRRELEVANT!

4) Even in the SWING states 90% of votes will automatically vote either for Trump or against Trump.

5) 5% or LESS votes in a few swing states are ALL that counts!

6) Many of them are lower middle-class white men.


8) The ONLY way to beat him is offer an INVITING future …

9) NOT constantly attacking Trump for his insulting comments …

10) It creates the exact response Trump wants!

Probably 100,000 voters or less collectively from a few states will decide who will be the next President, depending on how they “swing.”


Is this fair? NO. Is it logical? NO. Is it reality? YES!

The question is do we want to get rid of Trump?

YES. YES, and YES!

BEACHES Resorts- Sunsational Summer

Worth repeating – what is most amazing collectively is that 100,000 or possibly less votes in a handful of states will decide who will be elected President in 2020, depending on how they “swing.” They are sometimes referred to as disenfranchised. Others may call them angry. However, these voters are labelled, it is logical to conclude that the 2016 election PROVED they are far more inclined to vote for Donald Trump than against him.

So why is it GROUND HOG DAY, the movie in the Democratic Party again with the Squad now in starring roles as the Ground Hogs? We have been there, done this before. Trump’s hateful comments are no different than when he ran for President the last time and WON; and no different than name Democrats spending most of their time attacking Trump and LOSING.

Insanity is often referred to as doing the same thing over and over no matter how often it fails. So, let’s bring in The Squad again as they like the attention. There is nothing wrong with these 4 Congress members. They are opiniated. So what? The problem is when they become Charlie’s Angels …

Then all HELL breaks loose because for Trump and for the media they become the convenient face of the Democratic Party, even though their comments about Trump are no different than many others.

I hope The Squad disbands as I think it will because of internal divisions. Among those are the fact that AOC who has become an overnight “superstar” in Congress and America is just one among four in The Squad. And all four of them will lose their individual identities if this goes on too long. Most of all, they are upsetting many Democrats, most of all Queen Pelosi.

WORST of all, President Donald Trump is their biggest fan!

AOC’s campaign fund raised well over $1Million in just the last three months according to Crain’s NY. Not bad for a newbie Congressmember whose face, real name and most of all her moniker, have made AOC as famous as Nancy Pelosi within Congress. And a national figure.

She did this WITHOUT The Squad.

So, where do we go from here? The answer is simple and yet very difficult.

The way to beat Donald Trump in 2020 is to articulate a vision for America’s future that is compelling and inviting to most Americans, including absolutely, the swing state voters. Sounds easy? NO!

All we know for sure is how to lose to Donald Trump. Attack Trump all the time over and over for the insulting things he says and Tweets.

The problem is in a nation where we elect a President based on individual state outcome and not national popular vote, too many voters do not identify with the OLD Democratic Party they know and is on display again here in 2019.

IRONICALLY, The Squad made up of four relatively young so-called progressive Democrats has become the face of the OLD Democratic Party. Of course, Nancy Pelosi has always been the OLD face of the Democrats.

Yet, let me say it once again and I will again and again – the real PROBLEM is the 20 -24 Democrats running for President to oppose Trump. Their “idea” for the future is getting rid of Trump and a bunch of band aids to make the lives of Americans slightly better in a number of small typical ways. YAWN.

Which FINALLY now allows me to write about what this episode should be about – the 50th anniversary of the greatest achievement in human history. A clearly AMERICAN achievement! Americans on the Moon!

What do the Presidential candidates have to say about it in their campaign speeches and appearances or in the debates? NOTHING AT ALL!

All they talk about is Trump, immigration, free college, taxes, the environment. We have heard it all before; it is not enough to beat Trump where it counts.

TOP SECRET. More than anything else, all human and we Americans, want to be inspired. We want to believe we are part of something more than our day to day lives. America was created out of inspiration as imperfect as it was and a VISION of the future.

A comprehensive view of what might be. There is no vision today. There is Trump’s message that the past is the future Americans should want. Trump is literally “begging” for a Democratic opponent who will INSPIRE us.

Always remember July 20, 1969 – The GREATEST day in American history.

(This series dedicated in honor of the late Liu Xiaobo & Jamal Khashoggi)


EDITOR’S NOTE: About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.