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By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Nov. 1, 2019: I might not have written this episode about Pete Buttigieg except …

The New York Times gave me permission featuring just such a commentary by one of their regular columnist Frank Bruni about Buttigieg being Gay.

I don’t feel like I am crossing some “forbidden barrier” exploring Mayor Pete FULLY as a Presidential candidate beyond his sexual orientation.

The fact is, Mayor Pete Buttigieg has benefited TREMENDOUSLY by being Gay. Indeed, logically, he would be long, long gone from the field of Presidential candidates if he had ever run to begin with if he was not Gay.

The real PROBLEM here is that there are no other better qualified Gay Democratic Party candidates running for President as there should be. And I am here in this episode to tell readers how Buttigieg is misusing being Gay in a racist way toward African Americans and no one else has noticed.

Just as he uses his greatly INFLATED military record of 5 months to gain lots of interest as a Presidential candidate he does not deserve. The bottom line here is you can be straight or gay and be a good or lousy candidate.

And that is the way it should be judging candidates EQUALLY on the merits – no matter their sexual orientation.  Being gay should NEVER be a disadvantage, but neither should it be an undeserved advantage either.

Buttigieg’s campaign recently announced Black voters show almost no support for him because he is GAY. What Buttigieg was really announcing was that African Americans don’t support him because they are anti-gay BIGOTS.

Sounds innocent and logical to do? WRONG!

Welcome to Pete Buttigieg’s DARK side …

His campaign announced Black voters show almost no support for Pete because he is GAY. Here is what Buttigieg is really announcing – that African Americans don’t support Pete because they are anti-gay BIGOTS.

How convenient; How DIABOLICAL! Pete has just neutralized his African American PROBLEM. The media and all of us should ignore his lack of support among Blacks because who wants the support of BIGOTS? Yes, they may be African Americans but more important, they are BIGOTS.

Pete’s findings also have a very important message for Black voters. African Americans you can EASILY prove you are NOT bigots – all you have to do is support me Pete Buttigieg for President! How convenient. SUCKER deal!

Here is why so few African Americans support Pete Buttigieg for President and it has nothing to do with his sexuality. This small city where he is Mayor in South Bend, Indiana where he is rarely ever seen any more …

is a very racially polarized place and it has not become any less so since Pete became Mayor. In fact, what Pete Buttigieg is “best” known for among Black residents there is one of his first acts upon becoming Mayor.

Buttigieg FIRED the one and only African American Police Commissioner South Bend, Indian has ever had.  He named another White Commissioner. Why? Because the African American Commissioner was investigating systemic racism within the police department in the city.

Further there have been a continuing series of controversial shooting of Blacks since Buttigieg has been Mayor. Moreover, any economic gains South Bend has seen in recent years have not included African Americans in the small city, many who say they would leave if they could. All this has nothing to do with his sexuality.

Moving on to Pete’s bloated military record.

Did you know you can become an Officer in the U.S. Navy without ever having to go through any basic training? Pete Buttigieg does because he did it. All he had to do to become an instant Lieutenant is meet another Officer in a coffee shop and be sworn in as an U.S. Navy Officer.

Why does the military do this? Not because they want untrained men and women going into combat at their own risk and those they are fighting alongside. Just the opposite. The U.S. military is short on desk jockeys with important skills; the kind Pete got in his elite college education at Harvard and Oxford and working as a consultant for McKinsey & Company.

As you should know, wars are no longer just fought mainly on the battlefield, including in places like Afghanistan, especially America’s involvement. Analysts sitting in front of computers in Kabul are needed.

That is what Navy Reserve Officer Second Lieutenant Pete Buttigieg signed up for a 5-month tour in Kabul doing – analytics. Yes, Pete made sure to take lots of photos with himself carrying a military assault rifle he never used in any military action in Afghanistan, only just to have fun and take pictures.

Even more, he brags about his “career” while there as a driver risking his life for the cause. Now if you were a soldier going out on dangerous mission, would you be riding with a driver who never even went through basic training and certainly had no special training as a professional war zone driver.

The answer is NO and neither did the Officers and others Buttigieg kept wanting to drive around Kabul when not sitting in front of his computer. Pete recruited himself to be a taxi driver for others in safe areas of Kabul.

If you don’t know why, then you haven’t heard Pete BRAGGING campaign appearances in his campaign ads and in the debates about his bravery and patriotic military “career” in Afghanistan.

What is the first thing Pere did after his 5 month tour of duty in Kabul ended and he was back in South Bend? PATRIOT Pete Buttigieg RESIGNED from the Navy reserve. Mission accomplished for running for higher office!

Let’s take a closer look at South Bend, Indiana and how being Mayor of a city of about 100,000 is not a good qualification for being President.

South Bend, Indiana is the 306th “largest” (sic) city in the United States. Right up there with Renton, Washington, Clinton, Michigan, Las Cruses, New Mexico, Allen, Texas, and Rialto, California to name a few.

Then there is the reality of tiny South Bend, Indiana, size aside. Mayor Pete’s record is mediocre or bad if you ask most African Americans. So why is Pete doing so well and raising more money than almost anyone else?

That is my point of why there should be far better qualified Gay Democrats in the Presidential primary. The fact that Pete is the only one has gotten him massive media he would have not gotten otherwise and fund-raising prowess he never would have otherwise except as the gay candidate in the field.

That problem is not with Pete but the Democratic Party. That said …

Whether a candidate is straight, gay, bisexual, celibate, or other variations, sexual orientation is NOT a qualification for being President. And should not be and likewise no one should ever be denied the ability to run for any Office in America or elsewhere because of their sexual orientation.

Otherwise, as for Mayor Pete Buttigieg being elected President in 2020 …

My view is that on the merits and his record and truthfulness …

Pete Buttigieg is UNQUALIFIED to be elected President in 2020.

End of story. See you next episode!

(This series dedicated in honor of the late Liu Xiaobo & Jamal Khashoggi)


EDITOR’S NOTE: About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.

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