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By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Nov. 8, 2019: I am going to bring you my readers even deeper into the making of episodes of Trump’s America, or how sausage is made, or inside baseball done, etc.

I am writing this particular episode of necessity because my deadline is just two hours away and I have not had time to follow my normal schedule …

So I am “forced” to write about what happened today, which is perfect because this story is very illustrative of the REAL world we live in .,.

Both politics and business today, by exposing two first class punks. Yes, they have names – Bill de Blasio and Jeffrey Sprecher. De Blasio is the so-called Mayor of New York City and Sprecher is CEO & Chairman of Intercontinental Exchanges, often referred to as ICE, and most notably they are the huge conglomerate that owns the New York Stock Exchange.

What brings them together here in Trump’s America this week is what kept me busy all day and unable to write anything else this episode which has turned into a sort of s blessing, allowing me to expose them.

This may appear to be a man story as you read on but there are plenty of unethical even criminal women involved, but sadly I don’t have time for them right now. Maybe later in some other episode next week but the two prime miscreants are these two – de Blasio and Sprecher.

Yes, this is a story of both greed and corruption in a most unusual way. These two BAD clowns are plotting to steal a Bull. Not a “real” Bull; no, no.

A 3 ½ ton bronze Bull and the most famous Bull on Earth – the great Arturo DiModica’s Charging Bull at Bowling Green in Lower Manhattan. De Blasio we know has no morals whatsoever, so it was easy for him to try and steal Charging Bull to give to the New York Stock Exchange …

As for Jeffrey Sprecher, he is just your very ordinary super rich GREEDY merchant who thinks he can get anything he wants because he is rich and powerful and corrupt politicians like de Blasio are so, so easy to seduce.

So what brought these two Con Men together? A plot to try and get away with taking Arturo DiModica’s permanent gift to Bowling Green Park in New York City and placing it right in front of the New York Stock Exchange. The back story is that this company has been pestering Arturo DiModica for years to get him to move Charging Bull to NYSE.

He told them to stop it; Charging Bull would always be at Bowling Green and that his Bull is absolutely NOT the NYSE Bull in any way. It appeared they had given up finally. Then a “miracle” happened; voters elected a truly corrupt mayor and Sprecher realized he can get this done.

Now it’s often the case with Con Men that they think everyone is stupid and they can get away with anything. Unfortunately, they are often correct. It would be so easy if de Blasio would manufacture some public safety “concern” that even after 30 years at Bowling Green with a perfect safety record while tens of millions of women, men and children visited Charging Bull, magically now Charging Bull is no longer safe at Bowling Green proclaims the Mayor !

All he needed to do was prove it to a gullible public and media as he has in the past to get away with “murder” allegorically but until now but now we are talking real MUDER or more precisely potential manslaughter charges.

Yes, I will explain right now ….

De Blasio had to do something “special” to prove how dangerous having Charging Bull at Bowling Green is and so he recruited his own Department of Transportation. Whether he or they first got the idea is unclear, but Bill de Blasio was all in and so last week in a scene right out of a third rate science fiction film, a ROAD that never before existed, appeared late one night last week.

Replacing a large pedestrian plaza right in front of Charging Bull that has been there for years, where until last week, thousands every day and night, stood SAFELY waiting their turn with the very famous Charging Bull.

NO MORE now – just a few yards in front of Charging Bull is a ROAD with cars, vans, trucks, buses and emergency vehicles turning right in front of Charging Bull, creating YES you guessed right, a DANGEROUS condition.


Of course, move Charging Bull away from Bowling Green and in front of the New York Stock Exchange and IT’S A MIRACLE!!! Unfortunately for them, it would have looked bad, in fact criminal, to build this phony road and rush in and take away Charging Bull, so that for right now the thousands who visit Charging Bull every day will have to PRAY they do not get injured or KILLED standing in this “road” waiting to get to see Charging Bull.

In a NORMAL world and city, all of this would be impossible; but this is New York City without a REAL Mayor and a New York Stock Exchange without a REAL Chairman and CEO. Instead we have two CON Men.

Are there ANY good men and women who will step in and END this madness and put back the safety plaza at Charging Bull right NOW and make sure Charging Bull is always where he belongs right at Bowling Green?

If not, especially de Blasio and maybe Sprecher will earn a famous chant” “LOCK THEM UP .. LOCK THEM UP!! ….

and others too?

(This series dedicated in honor of the late Liu Xiaobo & Jamal Khashoggi)


EDITOR’S NOTE: About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.

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