Trump’s America –Episode # 156 – Blood Bath?

Sound The Alarm For The Democratic Party.
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By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Jan. 31, 2020: I did it and I am so proud of myself AGAIN this week ……

This new episode also will not be about the impeachment circus. What willpower on my part … except to note the most profound way to judge if the most devastating action Congress can ever take the REMOVAL of a United States President and undoing a national election is very simple.

The necessary litmus test must always be the action of a President so clearly egregious that the vast majority in BOTH Parties vote to remove that President because if not – then it is a POLITICAL impeachment.

And that is DANGEROUS, very DANGEROUS, as Hamilton proclaimed.

So, I don’t have to be a genius to know how this impeachment will end. You know too that President Trump will be found NOT guilty. Probably by Friday.

What Trump is GULITY of as I and so many others know is that he is NOT the President who is best for our nation and its future and so we ALL get to be the jury on Election Day to decide his Fate as it should be …

Which brings me to the important subject of this episode ….

WAR – the all-important war about to take place for control of the Democratic Party during this nomination process, which officially begins next Monday February 3rd in Iowa. It is a battle for the SOUL of the Democratic Party.

There are a variety of key factions who will be slugging it out probably right into the convention this summer and each most represented by a standard bearer – their candidate who wants to be President beginning January 20, 2021.

This will be very bloody and gory as fabulous entertainment that is almost made a certainty because of proportional voting for Democratic Party primaries and caucuses – unlike winner take all Republican contests, which gave Donald Trump the big advantage that won him that nomination early.

As is so often the case, you are about to read an analysis like nowhere else.

Who is most at the center of this war? Bernie Sanders!

Why? Because there is increasing evidence, otherwise known as polls, that Sanders has the potential to capture the Democratic Party Presidential nomination. To put that in further relief, Bernie Sanders is not even a member of the Democratic Party.

Bernie Sanders belongs to the Democratic SOCIALISTS Party. That does not prevent him from running for the Democratic Party nomination. Whether or not it should is, NOT relevant here.

What is are his “socialist” credentials. NOT the positions themselves as much as they clearly separate him from the Democratic Party elites like Obama, Clinton, Pelosi, Schumer, etc.

What Sanders most represents to them is a THREAT to their power. If Sanders was to win the nomination, far WORSE if he were to defeat Donald Trump to become President Bernie Sanders, that is the existential PROBLEM for them.

There is no way on Earth, or specifically America the Old Guard (sic), will retain the control they have with Bernie Sanders as President for three reasons:

 1) by definition his election will be a rejection of their power, 2) more to the point President Sanders will be surrounded by a different type of leadership, 3) even more to the point, it will be a NEW Democratic Party.

Notice I have not mentioned issues once as a factor. They are just the backdrop to this WAR over POWER in the Democratic Party. This is the reason why a WAR is brewing. It is all about POWER, not issues.

What issues have done is they have enabled Bernie Sanders to be in this very threatening position.

There is far more to this WAR and why it is far more interesting and why it may get so, so BLODDY in the coming weeks and months. It is most unlikely Bernie Sanders can amass enough delegates before the convention to walk into Milwaukee as the nominee. He may not even have the most votes.

Specially if Bernie Sanders “wins” Iowa and then New Hampshire, the WAR will become official because that clearly puts Sanders in a position of strength. Lucky for the others, this is not all about issues in a perverse way. Because if it were “logical,” his soulmate Elizabeth Warren would drop out and endorse Bernie and that could very likely assure him the nomination.

IT’S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. That identifies another aspect of this war. Elizabeth Warren is not just interested in issues. Far, far more, she wants to be PRESIDENT – get the Big House, the Giant Plane all the POWER.

Warren will stay in until there is no hope left at all of a miracle in Milwaukee. Even if the result is her soulmate Sanders does not get the nomination – maybe most of all so that her “soulmate” Bernie does NOT get the nomination. JEALOSY!!

In fairness to Warren, if she was to somehow become the one surging, neither would Bernie Sanders drop out for her for the very same reasons! The cynic would say PURISTS – to put it mildly – do not go into politics. Cut throats do!

NO, of course I have not forgotten about Joe Biden nor Mike Bloomberg. Both are essential to this episode and this BLOODY war looming. Joe Biden is the potential SAVIOR for the Democratic Party as we know and loathe it today.

Many polls have him way ahead of Sanders nationally, but the political insiders know how flimsy Joe Biden’s so-called strength is – that his entire pitch is he says every day he is most likely to beat Donald Trump. Maybe?????

The problem is that weak argument is Biden’s entire campaign. Biden does not have the kind of true believer supporters that Bernie Sanders has and it is why Sanders has raised so much campaign cash.

So much more than Biden; and Sanders’ are all small donations unlike Joe Biden’s Fat Cat $$$ campaign.

At this pivotal point let me introduce the very, very, very RICH VULTURE circling above and with his hungry eyes focused on a weak Joe Biden. The vulture Michael Bloomberg knows very well that a very well financed army with UNLIMITED resources has a big advantage in any WAR ……

Except maybe in this WAR for the Democratic Party nomination for President. Bloomberg is the Elites obvious alternative to beat Sanders if Biden falls. Bloomberg is one of them, sort of except, he has two very big problems…

One, Bloomberg does not need the Democratic Party Elites with all his Billions except to get the nomination so there is no “loyalty” to them. Yet Bloomberg has a far, far BIGGER problem – getting the nomination. His one strength is also his biggest weakness – HIS INCREDIBLE WEALTH.

Bloomberg is a BIG part of the problem not only for Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren supporters but most Democrats, including the Elites, who are required to provide visible Lip Service to the scourge of INEQUALITY.

So combine all these factors with proportional voting in all these primaries and caucuses across America in the coming months and this is a FORMULA for a very BLOODY WAR that should be “fun” of sorts for the rest of us.

Barring an unexpected unstoppable advantage for someone, which the others will combine forces temporarily to STOP, they are all looking toward the ULTIMATE battling taking place in Milwaukee this summer while at the same time in that situation FEARING some “white knight” (bad term to use) under these circumstances swooping in and capturing the nomination.

MUCH MORE TO FOLLOW. Trump’s America will be on the front lines.

For now, here is trick question. Who will be the 3 happiest individuals in the room if Trump is found not guilty on Friday – which is very likely?

Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Amy Klobuchar – who will choose the fastest way to Iowa!!

Let the WAR begin as these three all rush for the nearest airport!!!

(This series dedicated in honor of the late Liu Xiaobo & Jamal Khashoggi)


EDITOR’S NOTE: About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas. USA, LLC