Trump’s America – Episode # 165 – Time To Tell The Truth

Alexander Hamilton To The Rescue Again
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 By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. April 3, 2020: WARNING some of you may not be able to handle this …

 It will SHATTER your view of our country and our leaders.

They have long perpetrated the biggest LIE in all of history.

If you take all this seriously as you should, this may be the most profound message you have ever read if you embrace it change all our lives forever!

Only now has COVID-19 exposed it finally, and if we are willing to face the truth, it will change America forever and we will create a far better country for all of us as we reach heights of achievement and prosperity and happiness for all. But that is impossible as long as the FRAUD continues.

There is no limit on the amount of money – call it liquidity if you like – that the Federal Government can spend. NO LIMIT whatsoever! The Federal Government is different from every other entity in the United States. The Federal Treasury and the Federal Reserve can print money without limit.

Does even one in one million Americans have any idea what that means and why we have been lied to all our lives about how the govt. must keep its spending “under control,” often at the expense of all the rest of us and our nation?

The two most striking episodes in all of American history to compare with COVID-19 are the American Civil War and the Second World War. In both those cases, the government printed unlimited amounts of money to fund those war efforts. Did the value of the Dollar collapse? No not at all; it remained stronger than ever. HOW CAN THAT BE?

Because there is NO specific relationship between the value of American currency and how much of it the government prints. IF the purpose is logical and strengthens the nation and its people, it is worthwhile and useful.

During most of the Civil War, the view prevailed that the North would win, and the Confederacy lose and when that happened, the United States would be stronger than ever. The result? It was the Confederate dollar that became worthless.

Likewise, in the Second World War, as long as America and the allies won as was proven spectacularly in victory, America would be stronger than ever.

HOW MUCH IT COST?, how much money the Federal government “printed” to fund those wars was a meaningless. Only WNNING mattered.

We are seeing the same right now in this very real “war” against COVID-19. The President and Congress just approved a total of $6 TRILLION in new spending overnight, the largest single spending bills EVER. Is this massive printing of $$$$$ going to have negative impact on our economy and America’s future? NO because it is for a cause to strength our nation.

HERE IS THE PROBLEM. The government is NOT going to stop lying to us. Neither the President or Congress or the media is going to tell us the government can spend as much as wants and it will not do damage.

WHY? Because if we all understood what is really going on, we would demand much, much, much, more from our Federal government and in return we will create a far, far better nation for all of us post COVID-19.

Instead, we have these absurdities …. The Federal government is giving an almost meaningless ONE-Time check for $1,200 to EVERY America, including millionaires and billionaires. How is that possible? It is a Bad Joke

If Saturday Nite Live was still broadcasting LIVE, a great opening skit would be Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates, the two richest Americans, both standing in front of one of their super mansions near the mailbox waiting impatiently for the mail carrier to arrive with their MEANINGLESS $1,200 check.

What is the message to the rest of us when the President and Congress give the wealthiest billionaires and the very poorest Americans struggling just to barely survive since March, the same one-time $1,200 payment?

It means OUR government is treating the rest of us very poorly.

Another example of the abuse of the American people – New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said this week he would cut the NYS budget as severely as necessary rather than impose new taxes on the RICHEST New Yorkers ….

WHY? Because he worried wealthy NYers would leave the state. What does that say about the rich and Governor Cuomo nothing good? That the rich, even when the nation is at our greatest peril since WWII, are so greedy they won’t pay their fair share and spineless politicians won’t make them do so.


If you understand and appreciate what I am saying about federal government spending, the MORE the government spends now on the rest of us, NOT the millionaires and the billionaires and NOT just big companies and smaller companies, but rather DIRECTLY to individual Americans.

My recent proposal – simple quick and obvious – will do more to prepare us for  a better future than anything done so far and far more than Nancy Pelosi’s infrastructure scheme that will take the rest of the year to implement or longer.

TOMORROW, Congress could pass and the President sign into law, a bill that need be no longer than one page, that will provide any America with less than $75,000 annual income, a personal interest free loan of  $25,000 with 5-year-term payback beginning June 2021, and with various provisions that will allow the government to wave some or all of the loan, if the individual meets certain requirements of public service or other good works in the national interest.

This is a simply one immediate dramatic very useful way for OUR government to work for ALL of us. All we need to do is STOP buying the story that there is a limit of how much the Federal government can spend.

The Federal government’s printing press can guarantee all of us universal health care, a living wage for all Americans, good education for everyone, protect our environment, take care of the weak and the elderly, explore the stars and do so, so much more to make America far better for all of us.

ALL WE HAVE TO DO IS STOP buying the LIE – the Federal government can’t afford to do all this. COVID-19, with all its suffering and death, can and must also be the wake-up call we need to remake America now.

REMAKE America for the 21st century far, far better than ever. An America where ALL Americans are treated fairly and each and every America can reach their true potential, not just the rich and the powerful.

It can and will happen; all we have to do is STOP BUYING THE LIE the government and elected officials, the rich and powerful have conned us into believing forever – that the Federal government has LIMITED resources.

Our government has UNLIMITED resources to create a better America, an America far better to lead and provide for all its citizens and it has full control of the only tool it needs its $$$ printing press and good decision making.

All we have to do, is demand it. If we do not, at the end of COVID-19, America will be in even much more decline and facing horrible problems. Call my proposal “revolutionary,” the next American REVOLUTION we need.

Alexander Hamilton provides me the inspiration I need and you too. Back in 1789, Hamilton understood what no one else did – that he could sell the promise of America by printing govt. bonds in huge quantities and it worked. If Hamilton were alive today, I have no doubt he would use the govt. printing press as I propose, knowing how very well it will work for all Americans.

(This series dedicated in honor of the late Liu Xiaobo & Jamal Khashoggi)


EDITOR’S NOTE: About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.