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By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. April 24, 2020: When we are finally done with political hacks now controlling our lives and TAKE BACK OUR NATION beginning in the next few weeks …

 America’s 250th anniversary looms far more important than ever!

A New York business leader, Scott Rechler, has a plan to restore the fastest most majestic ocean liner ever built – the SS UNITED STATES. He and others just need to DREAM far more ambitiously than the current plan for a floating hotel without engines to be permanently moored in New York City or elsewhere. That plan is NOT good enough for our national needs.

The dangerous 21st century Hitlerite Communist, China’s murderous dictator Xi, has a plan well underway titled “2025,” whose goal is for Communist China to surpass America in every important way – including in technology.

Our answer should be must be “2026.” In fairness to me, I alone have been arguing for “2026” for years here and elsewhere. And I will continue to do so!

For nne GRAND symbol at the center of a far more extensive nation and local plans to undertake projects and goals LARGE and small for America’s 250th!

We need a defining SYMBOL for America’s all important 250th anniversary in 2026, less than 6 years from now. I initially argued for a large work of sculpture something as grand as the Statue of Liberty.

I realize that is both not realistic and not good enough. A static work of sculpture standing in one location will never be the SYMBOL uniting America’s past, present and future. We desperately need more than ever.

Yes, we do have a UNIQUE “living” symbol that can and must do so!

Let’s first go back to the Beginning ….

Not of the United States but of SS United States.

There is nothing ever built more inspiring or magnificent that a great ocean liner and SS United States was the GREATEST of them all. She even has the PERFECT name to symbolize our nation for generations to come.

What she does not have now is LIFE rusting away for 50 years since 1969 moored in a forlorn Philadelphia dock, dying slowly but surely every day.

Her full restoration to her original GLORY – fully functional and capable of the speeds that made the SS United States by far the FASTEST ocean liner of all time is what we need.

Here is the REAL opportunity, not just for SS United States to be restored to her Original Glory, but BETTER than ever before with the most advanced 21st century technologies utilized every step of the way throughout the ship, while keeping her powerful beautiful exterior design just as it always was.

SS United States was not only the greatest ship designed and built with 20th century American originality, creativity, technology, craftsmanship but NOW can be the best 21st century American technology and craftsmanship.

 The QUEEN of the Oceans with no competition – the SS United States!

The SS United States sailing into New York Harbor after first touring the nation, the first half of 2026, and visiting coastal cities large and small on the West Coast, our Southern Coast and East Coast before ….

 On the morning of July 4, 2026, the SS United States at the center of the largest armada of ships from all over the Earth ever assembled to celebrate America’s 250th anniversary and have her permanent presence in New York City and also sail the world representing the United States as no other symbol, can from time to time, for very SPECIAL events and occasions for years to come.


All-inclusive, it is a $1BILLION project and that is good. America’s PERMANENT ultimate monument to our 250th anniversary is more than worthy of a $ 1 BILLION price tag. IT DESERVES IT!

 We don’t need another floating hotel without engines. We need the REAL SS United States in ALL HER GLORY and now better than ever before as the CENTERPIECE the symbol for America’s 250th anniversary.

Under the LEADERSHIP of Scott Rechler, in FULL partnership with the SS United States Conservancypromoting the restoration for 50 years now and with OUR United States government, and American business and entrepreneurs, academic and organizational leaders supporting the restoration, it can be done.

In our POST Covid-19 America, more than ever, we need SS UNITED STATES to represent Americas glorious past, our current rebuilding of our nation and an ever greater future, we all want to see.

There is NO time to waste; 2026 is FAST approaching!!!!

 Let us all DREAM THE DREAM and make it happen!

(This series dedicated in honor of the late Liu Xiaobo & Jamal Khashoggi)


EDITOR’S NOTE: About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.

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