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andrew-jackson-Go Ahead; Call Me A Racist!
Go Ahead; Call Me A Racist!

By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. May 12, 2017: Did you know President Andrew Jackson could have single handedly prevented the Civil War if he had lived longer, according to President Trump?

Yes, indeed. By throwing all the non-slave states out of the Union! Of course Trump did not say that exactly; as usual he makes crazy statements that he does not explain as though he is still mouthing off on The Apprentice.

There is no doubt Donald Trump is fond of Andrew Jackson. It is one of the very special portraits Trump chose for The Oval Office. Yes, he also has Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson and The Great Alexander Hamilton hanging on the walls in The Oval Office but Jackson seems special to Trump.

So let me now turn my attention to Presidents Jackson & Trump.

Donald Trump could not have chosen a worse President to identify himself with. The Slave Master Andrew Jackson, the bank and business hating Jackson, the Native American genocide President Jackson.

In other words, President Jackson has NO place here in the 21st century as a role model for America. WAIT A SECOND. Jackson is the perfect President for Trump since Trump also has NO place in the 21st century either.

And the possibility of any future American President ever HANGING President Trump’s portrait in the Oval Office is NON-existent. Jackson and Trump deserve to HANG together in The White House DUMP. Forever!

That sounds so nice that FORMER President Barack Obama deserves a DIS-honorable mention here. It was FORMER President Barack Obama, who while President, spent 18 months proposing to keep the pathetic Jackson $20 and eliminating the Hamilton $10. Thank God and many of us, Obama lost that battle. So long Jackson $20.

As for President Donald Trump, in addition to Jackson, which other Presidents should Trump be surrounding himself in The Oval Office? Time for me to do some research for this week’s episode! Go to Google and find lists of the WORST American Presidents EVER. Excuse me for a moment.

Turns out there are so many lists of the WORST Presidents to choose from. Let’s try the U.S. News & World Report list  for President Trump …
#10. Richard Nixon – you know why!

#. Herbert Hoover – largely responsible for The Great Depression

#8.  William Henry Harrison – was only President for 30 days before dying.

#7.  Ulysses Grant – administration mired in graft (not sure about that one).

#6. John Tyler- Anyone remember him? Major supporter of Slavery.

#5. Millard Filmore – Millard Who? Another strong supporter of Slavery.

#4. Franklin Pierce – One more champion of Slavery.

#3. Andrew Johnson – Of course. Johnson tried to undue results of Civil War.

#2. Warren Harding – Corruption and incompetence were his real talents.
And in the view of U.S. News & World Report the Champion is …

#1. James Buchanan. The biggest slave master of them all. says U.S. News.

WAIT A SECOND. Where is Andrew Jackson on this list?

Andrew Jackson is an “excellent” candidate for #1.

Jackson destroyed the U.S. banking system. He was the largest slave owner of his time and vigorously supported slavery every day of his life. He utterly destroyed the Native American culture and was responsible for the death of scores of Native children, women and men. The Native Americans have NEVER recovered to this day from what Jackson did to them. And Jackson at every turn, lied and cheated as much as he possibly could.

The good news is President Andrew Jackson already has a place of HONOR in Donald Trump’s Oval office. President Jefferson deserves to stay in Trump’s office. As for President George Washington and President Abraham Lincoln and The Truly Great Alexander Hamilton, these three American heroes have NO place at all in Donald Trump’s office where only LOSERS belong.

Besides, Trump needs room for the portraits of these other 10 U.S. News & World Report recommendations for LOSER Presidents. With these 10 Presidents plus Andrew Jackson and Thomas Jefferson cluttering the walls of The Oval Office, President Donald Trump still needs room for one more portrait. Any CLOWN of his choice; A CIRCUS clown of his choice. Like him!

Sorry almost forgot, Trump needs room for one more item on the walls of The Oval Office – a large FRAMED mirror so he can join the others on The Oval Office wall as often as he likes which should be all the time.

I am done decorating The Oval Office for Donald Trump for FREE.

Next episode, back to real business here in Trump’s America.

Arthur-Piccolo-ObamasAmericaEDITOR’S NOTE: About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.


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