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By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. June 12, 2020: That is not possible! Biden clinched the nomination …

ANYTHING is possible … Here in the REAL world if we want REAL change and defeat Donald Trump!

Joe Biden is a Democratic Party DINOSAUR surrounded by other Big Money Status Quo dinosaurs. Joe Biden is Hillary 2. And worse!

Here is a very REAL potential scenario in November ..

A REPEAT OF 2016 …

Just as Biden has done in 2020, Hillary had secured the nomination in the spring of 2016, overwhelming YES – Bernie Sanders; and there was NO chance of Donald Trump beating Hillary Clinton in November even though Donald Trump had somehow managed to secure the Republican nomination.

Even while in June 2016 and beyond Trump was hammered every day in the media with his many problems and failings and the complete LACK of enthusiasm for Trump even hostility within the Republican Establishment.

It was a NO brainer – PRESIDENT Hillary Clinton! The only question in June 2016 was how badly would Clinton HUMILITATE Trump on Election Day?

Even Trump expected to lose to Hillary Clinton. Back in June 2016 he was already planning in his mind how to turn his Republican nomination into business success after his coming defeat in November 2016, and likewise, get huge ratings when he resumed his Celebrity Apprentice Show.

Here on Thursday, June 11, 2020, prospects look terrible for Trump yet again, and all the polls are showing him losing BADLY as they did in 2016.

NO, problem this is different, it is 2020 and Hillary is not the Democratic Party nominee. What could possibly go wrong this time? Plus, this time there is both Covid-19 and the outrage over the murder of George Floyd too!

What could go wrong? REALITY and the SWING states which will decide the Presidential election just as they did in 2016 …

But, but, but Joe Biden is not Hillary Clinton.


Joe Biden is Hillary Clinton, except unlike Hillary, Joe did not menstruate when he was younger as I so do not want to refer to Clinton as a w _ _ _n here and suffer the fate of  J.K. Rowling of Harry Potter fame, even though Biden has said he will choose a w _ _ _ n as his Vice Presidential running mate.

Let’s get REAL here. It is NOT Joe Biden at all who personally is doing well in the polls. ANYone who might be the presumed Democratic nominee would be having the exact same results against Trump right now. To take it to a theatrical extreme, Bozo the Clown would be doing as well as Biden now.


If we knew in June 2016 what we know now, even with Hillary Clinton winning enough delegates to gain the nomination, still she would have been forced to step aside in favor of any other Democrat.

The fact is Trump was ONLY able to defeat Clinton. IF any other Democrat had been the candidate Trump would have LOST the election in 2016.

Again, the chorus responds but Biden is NO Clinton.  ….

YES, he is and here is why …

A NY Times columnist this week Jennifer Senior wrote …..

“Is This the Trump Tipping Point?”

“I know. We’ve said we’ve been here a thousand times before. This time feels different.”

She goes on …

“Trump is flailing like an overturned turtle. A historic health crisis, an economic crisis and a social crisis all at once — it’s far too much for a reality TV star to handle, no more manageable than it’d be for him to land an airplane. What this moment may have revealed, ironically enough, is that only in a time of stability and outrageous decadence could the United States have had the luxury of picking such a dark and divisive candidate with the intellectual firepower of a water gun. When Trump asked voters “What have you got to lose?” most never dreamed that the answer could be: Everything.”

This is Democratic Party KOOL AID with a very short memory. In 2016 the “cry” from the Democratic Party power brokers was much the same. Everyone knew how BAD Trump was 4 years ago, and also then he had never been elected to anything running against the Democratic Party Goddess Hillary.

There was NO way Donald Trump could win in 2016!

Instead of this kind of misguided euphoria here is a REALITY check.

1) The election is 5 months away; many voters do not decide this early. 

2) Trump can lose 100% of the vote in New York, California, Massachusetts, etc. BLUE states do not matter.

3) Trump may win RED states by less than in 2016 and it does NOT matter.

4) It is all about the SWING states and in those states SWING voters will decide the outcome in those states and many have NOT decided who they will vote for yet, and very, very likely, will not until days before Election Day.

5) National polls are meaningless in a U.S. Presidential election, likewise polls in solidly BLUE & RED states. In 2016, SWING state polls Hillary Clinton too was showing strength over Trump this far from the Election.

6) Both Covid-19 and the recent national protests can very easily end up working in favor of Donald Trump by Election Day if as is quite possible, the economy is coming back well and/or as is possible, a vaccine against Covid-19 is developed by Election Day, and/or those favoring eliminating Police departments across the nation  stay in the news for weeks or months more.

Another article in the NY Times makes obvious these points with the headline: “Could Trump Turn a Vaccine Into a Campaign Stun?”

The answer is YES, even just a new vaccine could swing the SWING states in his favor. YES!

7) More generally, just as anyone can project even more BAD news for Trump in the coming months, just as much there may be other GOOD news for him. There are disadvantages and ADVANTAGES being the current President.

If you are willing to be objective I hope and don’t get hung up on specific issues, 2020 looks much like 2016 did for Trump in June 2016 and all the way up to very late night on Election Day when to EVERYONE’S disbelief Donald Trump was elected PRESIDENT of the United States.

… While Hillary and Bill Clinton stood STUNNED standing with thousands of jubilant true believer supporters in Javits Center with tens of thousands of balloons over their heads filled with HOT air that were NEVER released.

So now in 2 words here is the BIG problem in 2020 for Democrats …

JOE BIDEN! Which means …

8) Donald Trump does not have to win on Election Day; all he needs is for Joe Biden to LOSE the election which he is quite capable of doing.

It is NOT the appeal of feeble, old tired Joe Biden that has him doing well now months before the Election; it is only that Biden is NOT Donald Trump.

Joe Biden has had 40 years in government to CHANGE America for the better, to change the world and Biden has FAILED. And who has Biden FAILED the most? Yes, African Americans. That will not hurt him with Black voters except Black voters are not going to decide this Presidential Election!

What we do know is ALL the RICH and influential Democratic Party power brokers who worship at the altar of the Democratic Party Status Quo and who do NOT want real change only just to get their POWER back are throwing HUGE amounts of $$$$ at Biden and he is gleefully accepting it ALL!

Just one more NY Times article to hammer home the problems for Biden…

“Farmers Get Billions in Virus Aid, and Democrats Are Wary”

“As the administration sends up to $16 billion in additional subsidies, critics are concerned that the funds could be used to ensure that the president maintains the backing of one of his key voting blocs.”

So, what is the answer if all this is true and it is …

DENY Joe Biden the nomination. How? By lots of Democrats pressuring Biden to step aside because he is a very RISKY candidate.

What Trump FEARS most and an individual most likely to DEFEAT Trump in November for sure is a candidate who Americans across the nation and across party lines, both younger and older, Black, White, Latino, Native and all others  and in SWING states too believe will bring REAL change.

Our nation needs and wants REAL change – NOT Joe Biden.

It is NOT too late to STOP Joe Biden and in November, Donald Trump!

(This series dedicated in honor of the late Liu Xiaobo & Jamal Khashoggi)


EDITOR’S NOTE: About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.

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