Trump’s America – Episode #18 – President Trump’s Crocodile Tears

“I Learned How To Cry @ Mar-A-Lago!”
“I Learned How To Cry @ Mar-A-Lago!”

By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. May 19, 2017: There are plenty of crocodiles in Florida near places like Trump’s Mar-a-Lago. It was a good place for Trump to learn to cry like them.

President Trump was crying crocodile tears today when he complained the appointment of special counsel, Robert Mueller, is a “witch hunt.” It is a “witch hunt” in terms of it never leading to Trump’s impeachment or resignation. And that is the reason this appointment is good for Trump and he knows it.

Now lucky you, you read Trump’s America because you will only learn this here.

Everyone else, led by the so called Democratic Party “leadership” (sic), and needless to say the Comedy News Network, aka CNN to some –are all complaining this is terrible for Trump and the beginning of the END.

Sorry! Although everyone knows, let me give an official definition of crocodile tears from Google. They are “tears or expressions of sorrow that are insincere.”

And a learning experience for my loyal readers as well. Origin of the term: mid 16th century and said to be so named from a belief that crocodiles wept while devouring or luring their prey. You did not know that did you:

Let me also give you some “back stage” information. This week’s episode before the special counsel announcement was a very different story titled “Downward Spiral” – about Trump’s ever increasing debilitating problems.

The special counsel announcement trashed that story. Maybe next week!

Now appreciate the fact that for the fake news crowd, the special counsel   announcement made Trump’s situation far WORSE. WRONG!

Even as the so called Democratic Party “leadership” (sic) and Comedy News Network are pushing that nonsense as hard as they can 24/7. Also of course, our main media partner The New York Times to no surprise and even the WSJ.

They all subscribe big time to the theory that GOOD news for Trump is really BAD news for Trump, which is a sub-category of the larger “theory:”  ANY news for Trump is BAD news for Trump in their parallel universe.

The irony here is that Trump is so stupid even he seems to believe the special counsel is BAD news. Wake up Donald, if that is possible?

The core facts are crystal clear, special counsel or no special counsel.

1) Trump won the election because Hillary Clinton was the worse candidate in the universe for the Democrats to nominate and was made even worse by FORMER (I love to say that) President Barack Obama, making it crystal clear that Hillary Clinton was HIS personal  candidate for President.

2) The Russians had NO impact on the election results.

3) It is 99.9% certain that Donald Trump did not in any way conspire with Vladimir Putin or any Russian to alter the election; no way.

So what does naming an “impeccable” lawyer like Robert Mueller, who is more interested in protecting his own reputation more than anything else, special counsel to investigate the so called Russian “ties” do?

It insures the three basic facts listed above for you … GUARANTEE that Mueller is not going to fulfill the WILD fantasies of the so called Democratic Party “leadership” (sic)  and the Comedy News Network and many others who dream about Trump being impeached or forced to resign or even admonished by the special counsel.

He is going to clear Donald Trump of this nonsense sooner or later. Maybe advise him to be more careful now.

At best, they will get a meaningless crumb named Michael Flynn who will be cited for poor judgment or worse; who cares. Repeat – who cares?

The so called Democratic Party “leadership” (sic), the Comedy News Network, New York Times and a host of other will be left floundering trying to contend Flynn is the Great Satan who took control of Trump’s very small brain.

It won’t work. What Mueller is going to end up doing is clearing Trump, which is the last thing the above mentioned Democratic Party and fake news media miscreants want. So what you are reading here and NO place else is that while these miscreants are proclaiming the special counsel is the BEST thing that ever happened, it is the WORSE thing for them.

They were very well served as we were the idiots Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi and the others complaining, complaining, complaining that there must be a special counsel and if not, Donald Trump was getting away with Presidential election “murder.”

Up until the very big SURPRISE announcement Wednesday, all this other stuff and the Comedy thing and the Russian meeting thing and anything else was making Trump look sad and vulnerable, and then the announcement … and everything changed and the admonition. Everyone knows be careful what you wish for as you may get it was proven yet again.

Mueller is not Trump’s EXECUTIONER; he is his SAVIOR; not because he makes Trump look like a good President, which is impossible, but he allows Trump to escape the noose of a conspiracy between him and the Russians that will bring him down. There was NO such conspiracy.

Making it even worse for the conspiracy junkies now that there is the special counsel … it means the Congressional committees “investigating” the conspiracy and Russian ties become irrelevant and their ability to twist the story becomes insignificant.

And it could get even better for Trump and worse for them.
There will be pressure on Mueller, which he may or may well not bend to, that he issue his report well before the 2018 Congressional elections, which means a year from now.

Here again the Trump conspiracy addicts better hope they do NOT get what they want because that report will surely announce there was NO such conspiracy, which will give the Republicans a big advantage and deflate the one and only issue the Democrats plan to use in the 2018 elections.

The so called Democratic Party “leadership” (sic) had better hope there is NO report before the 2018 election so they can cynically still claim when Mueller’s report comes out Trump will be exposed as a Russian robot.

As for the here and now, rather than Trump fleeing the country on Air Force One Friday for his first international excursion, he will board the Big Plane with a big smile on his face and as self confident as ever, thanks to the special counsel, which had that not been announced right now, the episode you would be reading right now would have been “Trump’s DOWNWARD Spiral.”

Minus the Mueller announcement, all the other stuff would be raining down on Trump and Air Force One would be a bunker for him. So no matter what they are peddling on CNN about the special counsel being the END of Trump, only fools believe it and my readers are not fools so please.

So is this an endorsement of Trump here in Trump’s America? Are you kidding? Go and read last week’s episode #17. All I am doing here is proving again that the so called Democratic Party “leadership” (sic) is NO leadership at all and that of course CNN stands for Comedy News Network.

The funniest part of all is that stupid Donald Trump may NOT be crying crocodile tears as much as he should be. They may be real tears. He may be so STUPID he is truly upset that a special counsel was appointed.

Can President Donald Trump possibly be that stupid? Possibly!

Arthur-Piccolo-ObamasAmericaEDITOR’S NOTE: About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.