Trump’s America –Episode #184 – Dirty Secret

"I Have Vacation Plans"

By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Aug. 21, 2020: There is nothing wrong with a gourmet ice cream diet Nancy, except when it goes to your head and all that delicious cold ice cream FREEZES your brain.

STIMULUS seems to be a DIRTY word at the Virtual Democratic National Convention. NOT one speaker has mentioned it. They must think all Americans are just like these Well-Heeled Super Stars of politics.

If you don’t know, you should know that Nancy Pelosi has scheduled a FIVE-week vacation for the House Representatives that began more than a week ago and does not end until September 14.

Repeat 9/14 – more than 3 weeks away.


It is possible because Pelosi can get away with being totally OUT of touch with the world most American lives. Pelosi is one of the wealthiest members of Congress and COVID-19 is no problem for her and her family or friends.

Adding more insult to more injury, Pelosi MIGHT call the House back into session on Saturday for one day – NOT for another pandemic stimulus bill to get over 30 million Americans supplemental unemployment checks! NO! And NOT to get ALL Americans a second $1,200 check or a family up to $3,400 to assist them in this time of crisis.

NO. Pelosi will never do anything like it.

All Pelosi wants to do is some political grandstanding to talk about passing a bill with only ONE purpose – billions of $$$ more for the Post Office.

Pelosi is happy to put together a single purpose bill for the Post Office, but she says NO, NO, NO to a bill that will only be about supplemental unemployment and the other pandemic relief payments for Americans.

Too narrow she says!

Pelosi will ONLY consider these other matters as part of a mega-bill with all kind of goodies that will never pass the Senate. And she won’t even do that until at least September 14th – after her very long summer vacation.

And even she admits it has no chance of passing before November’s election. That is the REAL issue here – November’s election.

Pelosi and Schumer, another rich Democrat, have no problems. In fact, they want the economy as weak as possible to ensure Joe Biden’s victory. Even if tens of millions of Americans have to SUFFER – though Nancy and Chuck will not suffer.


Democratic Party Big Wigs are out of touch with REAL Democrats like many of us and will sacrifice us for the “greater good” in their minds.

Of course, Trump and the Republicans are just as vicious – and both parties are STUPID.

The out of touch Republicans – PAWNS of the Rich – are outraged that they should support another $600 a week for out of work Americans. The audacity of the WORKING poor and middle class to want $600 a week to pay their rent, their utilities, their credit cards and even for food. Outrageous they say.

So why are all of the Republicans in Congress STUPID?

The ONLY way Trump possibly wins re-election and the Republicans keep control of the Senate is that angry independents in SWING states vote Republican.

How can they possibly do so? There is only ONE way. The independents they need in Swing States are suffering financially too.

If Republicans tell Pelosi and the Democrats they will vote for the $600 a week supplemental unemployment and another one time $1,200 for all Americans with the added important benefit that all that money inserted into the system will BOOST the economy as we approach Election Day, this will assist Trump tremendously in winning these independent Swing voters.

Instead, we have this BIZARRE situation in which Pelosi and the Democrats in Congress are willing to sacrifice the wellbeing of tens of millions of Americans and hope that will further ensure Biden’s victory. And STUPID Republicans are going along because they are simply vicious and greedy.

What the rest of us have are the Two Parties in effect fully cooperating in “secret” in brutalizing American children, women and men who are suffering from the effects of COVID-19 financially for no fault of our own.

Here are two things you can safely bet on right now:

1) Joe Biden in his acceptance speech Thursday night will NOT tell Democrats in Congress to return to Washington today and stay until there is pandemic relief legislation that passes Congress and is signed by Trump.

2) Republicans in Congress will NOT willingly agree to an extension of the $600 a week supplemental unemployment no matter what – even if it costs them the Presidency and the Senate and giving up full control of the federal government come January 2021 to Biden, Pelosi and Schumer.

But they can be forced to do so if Pelosi supports a narrow bill with only this purpose.

So what unites Democrats and Republicans in Congress? The fact that NONE of them are unemployed or suffering financially in any way because of COVID-19. Indeed, most of them earn far, far more than average Americans and many Democrats and Republicans in Congress are among the wealthy in America.

Here is something else you can bet on ….

3) If there was a way to STOP paying members of Congress and forcing them on to unemployment, INSTANTLY the $600 supplemental unemployment weekly payments and also the onetime $1,200 pandemic relief payments would both pass the House and Senate by unanimous consent and be signed by Trump before the end of this week.

But that won’t happen.

SHAME on all of them – Democratic and Republican HYPOCRITES in Congress.

(This series dedicated in honor of the late Liu Xiaobo & Jamal Khashoggi)


EDITOR’S NOTE: About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.