Trump’s America – Episode # 195 – Trump’s After Life

trumps-america-Jiminy Cricket-and-Pinocchio
Donald Trump With His New Friend Jiminy!
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By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Nov. 6, 2020: I am doing a big favor for Donald Trump, as unlike many others, I don’t hate him.

I feel sorry for him – (yes, I’m taking Biden’s advice to come together). So, at great expense, I have recruited the very famous Jiminy Cricket who was so, so helpful in convincing Pinocchio to tell the truth and accept reality ……

And now, do the same for President Donald J. Trump!

In fact, I will do more, I will present the Blueprint for Trump’s future for him and all my readers this episode. My first pre-Biden’s America episode!

Jiminy Cricket has a glorious past as many of you should know from your childhood and Walt Disney most of all. If not for Jiminy, the lying deceitful often horrible Pinocchio would have had a very unhappy ending.

Instead, Jiminy Cricket came out of nowhere to save Pinocchio. Indeed, Pinocchio was so evil when Jiminy arrived on the scene to selflessly rescue Pinocchio from himself, Pinocchio picked up a hammer and murdered Jiminy. Luckily that did not stop Jiminy – specifically not his ghost!

Long story short, Jiminy’s ghost returned and convinced Pinocchio to STOP lying and trashing good people with insults and become a good person, and no longer did Pinocchio have to live with his very, very long nose.

Everyone lived happily ever after. Obviously, Trump is a real-life Pinocchio without Jiminy Cricket. That is, until now. I am providing Trump Jiminy for free.

I can only hope and pray it works, and so should you.

Right now, President Donald Trump is more out of control than he has ever been. That is not easy, but the Election has brought out the even worse in Donald Trump, and this after you thought he could not be more pathetic.

Like some mad dictatorial thug, Trump wants to invalidate the Presidential Election. Why? For the same reason Dictators always do. Trump lost. So like Pinocchio, Trump has begun his most intense campaign of lies and deceit.

In almost every state in which Trump did not win, and there are many, he has manufactured all kinds of zany reasons why officials in some states conspired to make him the loser, when he really won. In other states, phony voters stuffed the ballot boxes with Biden votes to steal the election from Trump.

So, of course, Trump went on Twitter to announce he is the REAL winner!! If that does not work, expect Trump to lock himself in the Oval Office on January 20, 2021 and refuse to leave because he is “still President.”

This is surely Trump’s Pinocchio moment!

Jiminy Cricket will now do all he can to save Trump from himself, even try to get Trump to call Joe Biden and congratulate him on his victory.

GOOD LUCK WITH THAT…. while I pick up the cost, but I feel I must do even more for Trump. I will use this episode to prove to Donald Trump that there is a life, a good life for him, after his one term as President. His After Life can be Glorious for him!

President Trump this is for you ….  beginning January 20, 2021:

First of all, you don’t need Air Force One. Your big jet flies just as far and as fast, and now you can go anywhere you want without having to justify all those trips on Air Force One.

Here is the best part, they would not let you put your name on Air Force One but now your plane will have TRUMP on it again!

Some say you are hundreds of millions $$$ in debt; who cares? One non-stop flight to Saudi Arabia to see your good friend the Murderer Crown Prince and he will give you a Billion $$$ to pay all your debts to thank you for all you did for him while you were President by letting him get away with murder and much more!

But the very, very best part of your After Life will take place all over the United States. Having conned your core supporters once again, this time that the Presidency was stolen from you and that you are still the REAL President and that Biden is a Complete Fraud and Phony President in your view  …….

You, Donald Trump will go on an endless Magical Tour as a ROCK Star – filling arenas and stadiums with countless thousands of adoring Trumpsters WITHOUT masks for years to come, with a well-produced with live music and special guests like America’s Clown, Rudy Giuliani and complete with fireworks to end each show!

You will be able to RANT & RAVE for hours and hours at each show, attacking everyone and everything, and making sure everyone knows you were the GREATEST President in ALL of America and the world, and  history too.

Donald Trump, I have saved the ultimate part for last.

NO MORE FREE SHOWS. You were forced to do so when you were still President. COVID-19 or not, you will be able to charge any amount you like for tickets to attend …


Next episode advice for Joe Biden … what to do with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.

(This series dedicated in honor of the late Liu Xiaobo & Jamal Khashoggi)


EDITOR’S NOTE: About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.