Trump’s America – Episode # 26 – Enough!

Elites Gravy Train Derailment!
Elites Gravy Train Derailment!

By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. July 14, 2017: Rhetorical question – why am I repeatedly forced to return to the same issue again and again here in Trump’s America?

I have to stop criticizing Donald Trump to deal with the nonsense from the so called anti-Trump conspiracy. What we have going on here is a battle between two political elites that turns the rest of us into victims. It is Democratic Elites vs. Republican Elites.

I am being even more rhetorical when I headline this episode ENOUGH!

This nonsense will never stop. They can’t get ENOUGH.

The Democratic Elites, led by Hillary and Bill Clinton, Barack and Michelle Obama, are incensed they lost to Republican Elites and Donald Trump. Yes, never forget Billionaire Donald Trump is a gold card carrying member of the Republican Elite even if some factions within it do not like him or his style. Trump’s policies and world views are ALL Republican and he is filling his administration with lots of members of the Republican Elite – also known as well known wealthy members of The Swamp.

Yet it is the vicious mindless harassment of  Donald Trump by the so called Democratic Party leadership and their handmaidens – CNN, MSNBC, Washington Post, New York Times, et al. that is the bigger problem now.

They have fabricated this Putin-Trump conspiracy that supposedly cost Hillary Clinton the election and all those rich powerful Democratic insiders who already had their expensive luggage packed to ride the President Clinton Gravy Train first class all the way are angry – VERY ANGRY …

So it’s time to get Trump anyway, at any cost to the rest of us. It began the morning after Election Day once they awoke from the unbelievable SHOCK that Hillary had lost to Donald Trump. The campaign to bring Donald Trump down has been relentless every day since.

Since they are bankrupt of any ideas and ideas for a much better America and could not see past their rage anyway, going after Trump for supposedly stealing the election fit right into their mindset – properly ‘mindLESS’ set!
What could be more satisfying than seeing Donald Trump impeached for what amounted to “treason” and kicked out of The White House, humiliated for the rest of his life maybe go to jail too? The Ultimate Fantasy!

WOW fantasies like that are like addictive opioids to Clowns like Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, and idiots like Debbie Wasserman Schultz, John Podesta and the clueless like Elizabeth Warren, and thousands and thousands of others among Democratic Party elites who come in all shapes and sizes.

If that wasn’t enough, they have Jokers like the Washington Post’s Jeff Bezos, the New York Times Arthur Sulzberger, Jr. and of course CNN’s Jeff Zucker, and let’s not forget whoever runs MSNBC, all of them the mouth pieces for the Trump conspiracy and they have all the very well paid ridiculous ranting talking clown heads who spew out the garbage 24/7.

Occasionally it seems they might run out of manufactured fiction to keep this so called stolen election story alive and audiences coming back for more but they are “talented” in a very perverse way – they always invent new claims to make – even if it is the very same nonsense – repackaged again and again.

Now we have the newest chapter – the Donald Trump Jr. saga being blown out of proportion as of course it would be; “perfectly” timed to ensure Donald Trump did not get any useful coverage from his recent European trip.

It has happened again and again and again if there is even a hint of good news for Trump surfacing immediately and magically new claims in the Trump-Putin conspiracy are on the front page of The Washington Post. ALWAYS nameless sources offering “new” damaging information about Trump ties to the Kremlin reported by the so called liberal media as hard news that is absolutely true. CNN always tries to be first with this “news.”

What is going on is crystal clear but you’d never know it watching, listening to and reading the so called major media. They are the ones with their fake news ironically and nefariously “colluding” with the Russians by their coverage of this non-issue to undermine our potential for a better America.

Let me repeat – they, not the Russians, are UNDERMINING a better America.

Instead of challenging President Donald Trump with REAL solutions to his destructive view of the government and our future – instead it is this comical farce of a conspiracy that is the never ending so called Democratic narrative.

And what is the result – nothing for the better changes. Donald Trump’s core that elected him remains ever loyal because Trump is turned into a “victim” for them to defend because of this Russian conspiracy absurdity.

And we are left with both China and Russia continuing to resist doing anything about the North Korea atrocity of a threat to us and everyone else, and at the same time China – a much, much more potent threat than Russia gets a free ride while Russia is condemned as the Greatest Satan of all time.

And this very same morally corrupt media machine of CNN, MSNBC, Washington Post, etc. that will contrive any falsehood at all to try and bring down President Donald Trump could just as easily be turned on to you or me.

That should truly concern you, our entire nation. ‘1984’ style “journalism!”

ENOUGH! Time to call their bluff and move on to REAL news about Trump!

Unfortunately, the Trump-Putin conspirators will never ever say ENOUGH.

Arthur-Piccolo-ObamasAmericaEDITOR’S NOTE: About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.