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Chinese Dictator Xi

By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. July 21, 2017: The absurd fixation on Putin and Russia – be it cynically motivated for only one purpose – has left the most dangerous and powerful dictator on Earth getting a FREE ride ….

Just ask Nobel Laureate Liu Xiaobo. SORRY, you can’t because he’s DEAD.

Chinese Dictator Xi …the most dangerous and powerful dictator on Earth gets a FREE ride while we fight among ourselves.

The United States should be united in the goal of FREEING China from his deadly grip and protecting the rest of the world from this Menace.
So why is Xi * pictured as lovable Winnie the Pooh above? Here is a typical description of the real Winnie the Pooh …

“Pooh is described as being stuffed with fluff, as well as being “a bear of very little brain.” He is generally kind and friendly towards everyone; he is also very childlike and likable. He can be very courageous in tough times and is consulted when trouble occurs.” No wonder Winnie is so popular.

Well not in China any more as of this week. Anyone who mentions Pooh, has a picture of Pooh, possesses a children’s book about Pooh is in TROUBLE and is going to jail without any real trial required and likely tortured.

Why???? Because Xi is the world’s most dangerous dictator; that is why.

Turns out a photo of Fatso Xi, walking beside former President Obama, another member of the Xi Fan Club – which also includes far too many around the world  – has been circulated inside and outside of China as a classic cartoon image of Pooh walking beside Tony the Tiger.

This is now interpreted as mocking the all powerful Chinese leader in a way to escape the Chinese censors.

Here is how BBC tells the story this week …

“The blocking of Winnie the Pooh might seem like a bizarre move by the Chinese authorities but it is part of a struggle to restrict clever bloggers from getting around their country’s censorship.

“The Chinese name for and images of the plump, cute cartoon character are being blocked on social media sites here because bloggers have been comparing him to China’s president.

“It is not only that China’s censors will not tolerate ridicule of the country’s leader, they do not want this beloved children’s character becoming a kind of online euphemism for the Communist Party’s general secretary.

“In other countries such comparisons might be thought of as harmless enough and some might even think that having Winnie as your mascot could even be quite endearing: not in China.”

That from the BBC and the same all over the world’s media – except in China.

That is how scared and how all powerful Xi and his goons are. Any sign whatsoever of free expression is brutally crushed in China. At the very pinnacle, the ultimate pinnacle of Xi’s brutality, is the imprisonment and death of  the great Chinese advocate of freedom and democracy Liu Xiaobo.

All of the above is prologue to set the stage for the purpose of this episode.

Besides continuing to expose the absurdity of this fixation with Russia, which exposes the hypocrisy of so many U.S. elected officials and many in the so called main stream media who are focused only on their own very narrow self-interests at the expense of our nation and the future ..

The issue of China and its corrupt barbaric leadership should be foreign policy issue #1 for the American government and all of us beginning with Trump himself and the so called leaders in Congress – both Republicans and Democrats. But it is not happening.

In reality, as both Donald Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron demonstrated and along with so many other world leaders Xi is often referred to as a “great leader.”

How bizarre is that when you contrast the views about XI with the way Putin and Russia are pounded?

The point is not that Putin and the Russian leaders are good guys but rather that Xi and his thugs are guilty of every charge raised against Putin and indeed far, far beyond anything Putin or Russia does, and yet Xi is praised!

Let me say the obvious again. There are only THREE super-powers on Earth today able to impact global security. It is in American interests to form a “partnership” of convenience with one of the other two NOT have the other two working together and isolating the United States.

China has made it crystal clear it can never be that “partner.” China is undermining the U.S. in numerous and ever increasing ways that are fundamental to Xi’s world view of China becoming dominant globally while being the most repressive regime on Earth. So why is the U.S. pushing Russia to closer ties China? There is no good reason, just stupidity. Russia should be a natural ally of the U.S. not good friends or  geo-political partners, because Russia has as much to fear from Chinese domination.

And the fact is Russia is no threat to the U.S. except as a partner with China.

I don’t want to make this episode too long so I will leave more for later.

Let me focus on China itself. China, specifically XI, is using China’s vast economy, absolute control of its economy and the gargantuan trade deficit in its favor with the United States, to “better” repress its own people, buy up ever increasing valuable strategic assets in the U.S. and around the world, and deploy its military increasingly globally while making all kinds of deals with other corrupt regimes around the world with infrastructure projects.

So what would be sensible foreign policy?

The United States should have as the core of our foreign policy a goal of FREEING the Chinese people from Xi and his dictatorial oppression, not by any kind of military encounters, but by our government being smarter and more focused than Xi and his Motley Crew.

We need to target China’s economic juggernaut, which is so dependent on the United States and Western Europe, and force Xi to deal with us on favorable terms. This includes China addressing its internal repression. We need a foreign policy that addresses the real needs of people all over the world for a better life and more freedom to counter Chinese influence.

And we need to force Chinese to stop enabling the North Korean madman and his nuclear arsenal “pointed” at the United States. If not, we must call Xi’s bluff by American interests withdrawing from business with China even at the cost of  temporary “hardships” such as Apple immediately shutting down its iPhone production in China no matter the delays in producing new models of the iPhone. Apple can easily absorb those costs. So can a long list of other American and Western countries now in China.

And this America and all our allies must HONOR the late Liu Xiaobo as a Great Leader, whose memory will be kept alive.

Arthur-Piccolo-ObamasAmericaEDITOR’S NOTE: About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.

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