Trump’s America – Episode #3 – Understanding Donald Trump

His Currency Looks Good To Many!
His Currency Looks Good To Many!

By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Feb. 3, 2017: If you watch CNN or read The New York Times and you are not smart, you will be convinced Donald Trump is a fool and in big trouble. Think again.

This is just tired Democratic rhetoric from their mouth pieces. Trump and the Republicans are in a position of strength no matter his crazy moves his first two weeks in office. No matter how insulting to the rest of the world he is.

The fact is, Donald Trump is playing to his constituency. He is the very same person who many of us did not vote for and was sure could not get elected but he did.

Because his style is popular where it counts in America!

The New York Times in its lead editorial on Wednesday claimed “Hillary Clinton beat Donald Trump in the Presidential election.”  Really? That is the kind of nonsense that will get Trump re-elected in 2020. Who cares if Clinton got more votes nationally; that is not how we elect the President and the way we do is not going to change. Clearly Trump won and Clinton lost.

The so called Democratic “leadership” blasting Trump during the campaign while offering nothing but the Status Quo and the ridiculous Hillary Clinton as their alternative did their all important part to elect Donald Trump. This was emphasized by the nomination of the worst possible candidate – Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump BEAT Hillary Clinton badly where it counts – with 306 Electoral Votes – way more than the 270 he needed. End of story.

Now that Donald Trump is President, not Hillary Clinton, what is the so called Democratic Party “leadership” doing? Exactly what they did to lose the election. Blasting Trump, trying to humiliate him at every turn.

HE LOVES IT. They are making him a hero to his base.

I guess I have to go into some detail so this sinks in. It does not matter if Trump loses 200% of the votes in New York, California, Massachusetts, Illinois, Washington, Oregon, etc. etc.

It does NOT matter if he does not get a single vote in any of those states in 2020. He will still get re-elected.

It does NOT matter how many of these same individuals march in every city around the nation and the world protesting Trump the day after Inaugural Day or march every day of the year. Donald Trump will still get re-elected.

Donald Trump has PROVEN how to get elected and re-elected. He has a solid block of states and their Electoral Votes no matter what and he knows the Swing States he can win and did. Guaranteed every moment of every day, Trump and his crew are giving attention to those Swing States he won and they will for every day for the next 4 years in every way imaginable.

ONLY by prying away those Swing States from Trump can a Democrat win in 2020. So what are the so called Democratic leaders doing? Again, exactly what caused them to lose these states – by savagely attacking and mocking Trump.

These called Democratic “leaders” are FOOLS and we need to get rid of them,  beginning with the Hair Implant King of America, Chuck Schumer, and Whacky Old Nancy Pelosi. As long as these two Clowns claim to be speaking for the Democratic Party in Congress ALL hope is lost.

These two idiots and all these followers in and out of Congress believe that by mindlessly holding up confirmation of Trump’s Cabinet, filibustering his choice for Supreme Court and mocking Trump at very turn, they will win. On the other hand, what else can the likes of Schumer and Pelosi do? They are brain dead they have nothing to offer but the Status Quo and insults.

They make any CHANGE look good. Even Trump’s kind by comparison. They will win nothing but just keep losing. In fact, if Trump is as smart as he may be, he is acting “foolish” to encourage them to keep it up.

As for Trump, he certainly is capable of “beating himself” but that remains to be seen and proven, which he has not right now. And if he does so at all, all we will get in 2020 is  another tired useless Status Quo Democratic Party junkie in his place; another Con Artist like Barack Obama, who certainly did his part and more to ensure us Donald Trump.

Now in contrast to Barack Obama, Donald Trump already is so much more entertaining to watch than BORING condescending Obama. And regardless of what some in the media say, even CNN and New York Times, are having so much more FUN covering Donald Trump and better ratings!

As of now, what is more likely is that Trump’s base grows larger as he solidifies his hold on the states he won in 2016 and yes, does possibly even better by finding ways to appear he is bringing more jobs back to the United States, appear he is showing more leadership than Barack Obama internationally, and appearing to clean up the mess in health care etc.

I’m using the word APPEAR to do these things because he does not have to actually do these things in the face of the mindless current Democratic Party so called leadership because all they have to offer is often vicious and insulting criticism of anything Trump does which results in more Americans siding with Trump over nothing but insults from Schumer, Pelosi and others.

So here is the message in Trump’s America for those who don’t want to live there.

FIRST get rid of the useless Democratic Party Elites and their so called leaders in Congress and the DNC IF you are serious about dumping Trump.

Right now, those who claim to be speaking for the Democratic Party are effectively working for Donald Trump by making him look good in comparison to more than enough voters to re-elect Donald Trump in 2020.

Want CHANGE? Well CHANGE begins at “home” with the Democratic Party. Sweep OUT the old thugs and bring in the NEW Democratic Party.

Then we can realistically discuss DUMPING Trump.

Arthur-Piccolo-ObamasAmericaEDITOR’S NOTE: About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.