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I Had Dinner With President Trump!

By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Sept. 29, 2017: Yet, one more good reason to be very rich …

It can buy you dinner with the President of the United States!

How many mere mortals get to have dinner with the President? Very few! Presidents are very busy and every American would like to have dinner with the President. Both President Obama and now President Trump faced the same problem. They both found the same very good for them solution!

Have dinner with Americans who can afford to have dinner with them. If you ask anyone how much would you give if you could to have dinner with the President a good answer would be $250,000. If you were very rich!

So President Trump did just that; he charged $250,000 to have dinner with him. And not at McDonald’s either. At an expensive restaurant! You get a very costly meal having dinner with President Trump. That is a great deal and it did happen Tuesday evening in New York City at Le Cirque, which rhymes with jerk and the marketing line could be: “We don’t serve jerks at Le Cirque.”

And it was for a “good” cause too; raising funds to elect more Republicans to Congress to ensure the very rich have the money they need to have dinner with President Trump for $250,000. It makes dollars and sense if you are very rich! If you aren’t, Tough Luck; no one ordered you to be poor.

But it is not as though President Trump ignores the poor; they are very welcome at his many rallies for free. They don’t serve dinner but you get plenty of FOOD for thought and that will not make you fat or a Fat Cat.

For instance last week in Alabama, you could have attended a big Trump campaign style rally for FREE. You would have learned something. That President Trump does not like Black NFL football players or freedom of choice when it involves quietly protesting inequality and brutality.

Enough of that; let’s get back to dinner with President Trump. More good news about dinner! For $250,000, both you and a very special guest could have had dinner with President Trump if you wanted to bring someone. So it would only be $125,000 each. Not bad. That is if you wanted to sit at the same table with President Trump. Guest or no guest the cost was $250,000.

Don’t get carried away. That does not mean Trump sat with you for a couple of hours. Get real.  The President stopped by your table and sat for awhile. Trust me that is all you would have needed to ask for a special favor – maybe for your business or for “a loved one” or someone or something else.

That is how it should work. Imagine if it cost next to nothing; worse nothing at all nothing, to personally and privately speak to the President and get face time with the most important person on Earth. All 375 million Americans would want to do so. That would make the President’s time worthless.  Could you also imagine the stupid requests he would get? Some homeless Americans asking him for a place to live!  Really? How about some immigrant begging Trump not to be deported? Get real;  this is PRESIDENT Trump and his time.

The fact is there were some “less” rich Americans, POORER rich people you might call, them allowed to have dinner with President Trump even if they did not get any “private” time with him. Get this they got served the very same food at le Cirque as those who paid $250,000 Tuesday night and a photo with President Trump too. How much? ONLY $100,000. Wow!

This you will NOT believe; for just $35,000 you could still get in. No personal time with President Trump. No photo but in the same room with him! If you got very, very lucky you might talk with someone who worked at The White House such as President Trump’s secretary or personal butler?

So all those Trump HATERS at CNN and everywhere else who endlessly criticize Trump; the fact is this dinner was OPEN to anyone who is not a LOSER and knows how to make money for themselves, and yes even African-Americans were allowed to attend just like anyone else who paid.

Here is what one very, very rich dude who attended and probably paid the $250,000 which he easily could, had to say about dinner with Trump …

“Don’t forget, under Obama, the business people and the banks were the enemies of Washington. The one thing Donald Trump has done is the business people and banks are no longer the enemies, and the business people feel better and they are making investments.” They sure are!

Amen to that, even if this Trumpian is unfair to Obama who also did much for rich business people and the banks. And Obama had plenty of dinners, just like this all the time, not at Le Cirque, but more privately at the homes of the super-rich who were his friends where he could be less cautious.

On the larger issue, yes President Trump is treating rich business people and the banks very well; after all can’t Presidents have friends too and why shouldn’t he help his friends especially if they are Americans not Russians?

Rich people and the banks are not our enemies. Imagine where it would we be without rich people and big banks getting special favors. It would be chaos if everyone were equal or got to have dinner with President Trump.

Get real! This is Trump’s America; not yours or mine – except right here.

 (This entire series is dedicated in honor of Liu Xiaobo)

Arthur-Piccolo-ObamasAmericaEDITOR’S NOTE: About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.

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