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Christmas Gifts Piled High At The White House but not for us!

By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Dec. 22, 2017:  There are NO Christmas gifts piled high under The White House Christmas Tree; NOT for the rest of us and least of all, for the least among us.

You might think otherwise if you believe President Trump, (does anyone?), prancing around The White House with all the Republicans in Congress, gleefully extolling the new tax bill – now law in the land of the few.

So what should be under The White House Christmas Tree for all of us to open and enjoy on Christmas morning but will NOT be there?

I am here to tell you in this Christmas episode of Trump’s America.

Here are the gifts you will NOT find but should in a Better America.

First a very simple but POWERFUL gift …

An Official INEQUALITY Index, the innovative and best way to gauge the true health of the United States and all its citizens. It is possible to objectively construct a formula based on a variety of hard data employing the best and most acclaimed economists in the land to do the work required.

So in a very legitimate way, anyone can always check the level of inequality in America. There is much more to this simple gift. It would allow, indeed require, any and all legislation from Congress, and then if passed and signed by the President, include a report that details how any new law will impact the level of INEQUALITY, making it more so less so, or having no effect at all.

There is absolutely nothing more important to the vitality and fairness of our nation than how much INEQUALITY there is and whether or not it is decreasing or increasing from day to day year to year. Right now, as you should know even without this “Christmas gift” wish list, INEQUALITY is increasing in America toward a historic high and it is on a trend to keep getting worse.

That is a very big problem; at Christmas and all the time!

You do not have to be any kind of expert to understand that extreme inequality will ultimately DESTROY any nation as a functioning democracy and turn it into an autocratic brutalizing regime.  If you don’t understand …

the explanation is very simple and is as old as the human society it is built into, the very nature of our human species and others. Those with the most power – which is most identified with levels of wealth – those with the most inevitably have most control of institutions that make up any society or country. Those with the least have little or no ability to control the institutions of society.

Making it worse, those with all the power and the wealth use it to increase their wealth and power even more, which of course means even less wealth and power for those at the other unattractive end of this spectrum.

It’s an incurable DISEASE with a name Insatiable Human GREED!

Once again, we are NOT talking about PERFECT equality being any kind of goal. So called perfect equality is a myth, an impossible and undesirable goal. Seeking wealth and power is at the core of human advancement; the FATAL law is in the imbalance, reaching a level that is far more destructive and not productive at all for the greater good of the rest of us.

A well functioning society and any nation can and must allow inequality along its citizenry, but the majority of individuals, with far less power and wealth, must NOT collectively reach a point of having less power and wealth than the so called 1%.

Any nation in which the 1% has more power and wealth than 99% of the rest of us is in big trouble.

Therefore, what is so, so essential about this Christmas “gift” we will clearly NOT see under The White House Christmas Tree and President Trump will NOT give us and neither did President Obama to be fair about it, is this widely accepted objective INEQUALITY INDEX.

Read more about this in future episodes and indeed, between the lines in every episode of Trump’s America, as it was in all episodes of Obama’s America.

For right now, let’s look at some other Presidential Christmas gifts for the rest of us you will not find under The White House Christmas Tree.

Another BIG gift not under This Christmas Tree is new TAX legislation that is good for most of us. President Trump’s tax gift is for the few. Again, the wealthiest and most powerful individuals and companies in America, with some CRUMBS in this large box for the rest of us to “feast” (sic) on.

Here is another gift to unwrap that is NOT there …

A better, cleaner more dynamic environment. Instead President Trump put a big box of DIRTY coal under The White House Christmas tree

Here is another gift that is NOT there ..,

A new Dreamers’ Act that ensures that millions of immigrants  who deserve to remain and live their productive lives here in America can do so forever.

Gee, look at this “gift” President Trump wrapped instead … A big expensive useless fence to go across the Mexican border.

Wait, there is much more that is NOT under Trump’s Christmas Tree for us…

NO gift of the kind of health care we need for America; instead the “gift” Trump placed there is a very ineffective, overpriced, very unequal health care system, controlled by the GREEDY medical and drug industries. The same kind of Christmas “gift” President Obama gave us in the past.

Not finished yet, here is more there and NOT there …

There is a big gift package for the bloated military budget and lots of shiny new nuclear weapons we don’t need but NO funds under The Christmas Tree for lots of programs that benefit all of us and make America better.

Sorry. I don’t have time to unwrap all the useless gifts under Trump’s White House Christmas Tree nor the many more that are NOT there but should be.

Let me pick one more.

What is under The Christmas Tree is another BIG gift for all the criminal drug companies and doctors and pharmacies who are “pushing” countless amounts of opioids and have been for years, creating the WORST addiction problem in American history. They all get a STAY OUT OF JAIL FREE Christmas gift from President Trump and Congress.

The gift NOT there is legislation and a law LEGALIZING use of marijuana nationally for adult consumption, exactly as liquor is legal for adults to make a personal decision whether or not to drink but also laws that punish those who drink and drive or use alcohol while working etc. just as it should be for marijuana but is not nationally. Marijuana use is still a Federal CRIME!

Under Trump’s Christmas Tree, just as under President Obama’s Christmas Tree, we have “gift” instructions for the FBI and DEA to go after marijuana even in states that have legalized marijuana, either for medical or generally.

ENOUGH gifts for this Christmas episode – both gifts that are and aren’t there
under The White House Christmas Tree. We deserve better from our nation.

With that, let me, NOT President Trump, wish you a Merry Christmas and to all of the rest of us a very good night that we deserve and hope to get soon!

##### 30 #####

(This entire series is dedicated in honor of Liu Xiaobo)



EDITOR’S NOTE: About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.




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