Trump’s America – Episode # 60 – Hamilton’s America – Answering Xi

Hamilton’s Grave In Lower Manhattan

By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Mar. 9, 2018: Last week’s episode made it crystal clear …

The existential THREAT the world’s most powerful and dangerous Dictator, China’s Xi Jinping, and his pernicious regressive philosophy is to the United States, the entire world and everyone’s future.

Xi is more dangerous than Hitler and the Nazis, in that all Hitler was preaching and evilly practiced, was brutal vicious power to subjugate the world and to put and keep Germany in control globally. That failed completely.

Xi and the so called Chinese leadership are a far greater threat to succeed in undermining a better, freer society for all in the 21st century. Xi will not succeed by going to military war with the United States and the West.  Those days are over in a nuclearized world.

Xi and the so called Communist Party he commands, and what passes for a government and his even larger more powerful military, are seeking world dominance in the 21st century by other means. Xi’s apparatus is to be the world’s largest economy, completely controlled by him and his cronies; the most advanced and all invasive repression over the more than one billion Chinese. It is a propaganda apparatus that inculcates every Chinese girl and boy from birth to see Western values as nothing more than a way to subjugate China and its people. Now add an ever more expansive foreign policy, whose goal is to integrate itself into more and more countries, especially those that are less developed, and most of all, those ruled over by autocrats like Xi, with the goal of having them embrace the Chinese “system” of decay.

So what is the West and especially the United States to do?

So far nothing that interferes, let alone stops China’s relentless march.

Xi and his Inner Circle have another advantage, maybe their most important. They see America as an increasingly “broken” society, ruled or by our own Corrupt Elites and with the wealthiest Americans in virtual control of the American government as more and more Americans lack any prospects for upward mobility and there continues to be an ever growing under class of poor and addicted and very violent inner cities.

They see us as fractious, confused, dispirited and lacking any coherent long term united vision for the future.

SURPRISE! Xi is correct, even if things are not quite as bad as in this summary above, but right now, things are very much trending this way.

So, this is the fundamental reason Xi and the Chinese can, and so far will, win the War of the Worlds in the coming decade.

America, specifically our so-called leaders, have NO vision for the future; even less an imaginative innovative vision we can all, or at least most of us, find attractive and worthy embracing. Whether it is Trump or Hillary Clinton, all they are selling is their versions of the Status Quo.

Luckily we have one true leader to guide us into the future and offer a very inviting alternative to Xi and his “system” to enslave us all.

Back in 1789, America found the leader we needed in Alexander Hamilton, to create an America that would lead the world now. And almost 250 years later, Alexander Hamilton can do it again.

Because of what Hamilton offered our young nation, which no one else did, including the father of our nation, George Washington, let alone the others.

What Alexander Hamilton offered and provided Americans was a vision of ourselves and the United States others did not understand or believe we were capable of. Hamilton did. To become a NEW kind of nation never seen before on Earth and the means to achieve such a grand vision.

It cannot be said too often that what Hamilton knew, was the promise of America articulated by him; the means to fund the nation he wanted us to become. The engine for the world – both morally and economically.

Hamilton’s America, as an America, was beyond what others could see. It was not more of the same, but without British rulers. A bunch of sometimes “united” 13 states, each going their own way, except during emergencies. Hamilton had a united vision for an America that did not exist in 1789, but he knew could and would, if we understood him.

So what exactly does that mean for us today and tomorrow, 214 years after Hamilton’s death and with him buried in Trinity churchyard now? It means exactly what it did when Hamilton was alive, walking the streets of Lower Manhattan. It means we need to be reborn again for a NEW age, which means casting off the tired old concepts that have no place here in the 21st century if we are going to become better than ever.

We need to re-invent America for the future, which means questioning everything about the Status Quo and casting off our so called “leaders,” their lack of vision and their institutionally CORRUPT ways.

Time to build a NEW future to defeat this old-style authoritarian Xi

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(This entire series is dedicated in honor of Liu Xiaobo)

Arthur-Piccolo-ObamasAmericaEDITOR’S NOTE: About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.