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Is This Real Leadership?

By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Mar. 3, 2017: It is so, so sad infuriating and distressing ……

Donald Trump is creating a NEW Republican Party.

No one is creating a NEW Democratic Party.

Good for Republicans, BAD for Democrats. The so called Democratic Party “leadership” is left (sic) just where they were before the election – trying to win by complaining about Trump and his team without offering anything else.

And it keeps getting worse …

I was looking forward to trashing Donald Trump episode after episode, far harder than I did Barack Obama, but the so called Democratic Party “leadership” pictured above is making it impossible to do so.

It happened again this week, beginning Wednesday evening.

I admit it was my big mistake keeping CNN, aka Comedy News Network, on in the background in my office all day even if mercifully with the sound OFF much of the time. But still I can’t ignore them.

I know I need professional therapy but unfortunately I can’t afford it with Obamacare and the $10,000 deductible. In fact I can’t afford Obamacare.

Anyway Wednesday I was enjoying all those physically perfect young handsome male and female propagandists CNN calls “journalists” trying so hard to avoid talking about Donald Trump’s speech before Congress on Tuesday night they were truly suffering all day long Wednesday ….

Then FINALLY relief from their “suffering” …

Their friends at The Washington Post came through with a devastating – STOP THE PRESSES news story or as CNN calls it BREAKING News!

Trump’s Attorney General Jeff Sessions had multiple meetings with various Russian officials during the campaign ALARM BELLS ….

The ONLY question for CNN was would President Trump be forced to resign Wednesday night or would he have until Thursday to pack his bags and summon his big Trump airplane to take him back to Trump Tower.

Sessions had committed the CRIME of the century. CNN has not discussed anything else since. Thank God for their mindless commercial breaks – it has been wall to wall to wall and talking head after talking head after talking head blasting Sessions, Trump and anyone else who came to mind.

Now I do not like Jeff Sessions. He should not be Attorney General and I’d sure like to use this episode to blast him, except sorry I do NOT deal in FAKE news and never will here.

What is SCARY is the endless INQUISITION or Washington WITCH Hunt if you prefer being conducted jointly by CNN, Washington Post, New York Times, others and worst of all  …

the so called Democratic Party “leadership” … DESTROYING the Democratic Party with these endless tirades against Trump and his guys manufacturing conspiracy theories and their vicious attacks about nothing.

It should have been impossible to make President Donald Trump and his Circle look sympathetic but these Clowns have managed to do so.

Jeff Sessions is just their latest victim …

The so called Democratic Patty “leadership” are joining the likes of propagandists at CNN (Comedy News Network) in giving so much attention to this non-story and presenting it in such a way that it gives the FALSE impression there is something here.

Again I do not like Sessions. I don’t think he should have been appointed Attorney General. And I will savage him here if he goes after states whose voters have approved either use of recreational or medical marijuana but these attacks against him right now are scurrilous.

He did NOT have meetings (plural) with Russian officials (plural). Sessions had one meeting in his office in September as a member of the Foreign Relations Comm. with the Russian Ambassador who CNN refers to as a spy. Something many other Senators have done. Let’s see a list from WSJ of all U.S. Senators who have met with the Russian Ambassador in their offices. Will Nancy Pelosi tell them all to resign?

How about the multiple “meetings?” The other so called meeting was a brief encounter with lots of ambassadors in public after Sessions gave speech. That is it. As far as officials (plural) there was no one else named.

Yet all Schumer, Pelosi and the rest of them are doing is ignoring real issues let alone offering progressive comprehensive imaginative plans and ideas for the future for us all, rather all they are doing in the “best” (sic) tradition of witch burners is hammering Sessions as though he were some vicious terrorist and demanding along with the equally pathetic New York Times in its editorial Thursday that Sessions immediately resign as Attorney General and lots of calls for a special prosecutor be appointed for what?



Beyond the unethical nature of these attacks, as bad or worse, is all they are doing is enhancing Donald Trump’s support across the country which will lead to the loss of even more Democratic seats in Congress and leading the way to Donald Trump’s reelection in 4 years.

Now let me finally get to Trump’s speech Tuesday evening before a joint session of Congress and its meaning I intended before this forced diversion.

What Trump is doing very effectively so far is keeping his base and expanding it with more independents who may not have supported him. Trump said all the right things Tuesday evening to appeal to his base and go beyond his base. So called Liberal Democrats who are not Progressive Democrats will remain in a stupor over Trump that does nothing but empower Trump. And why he left the CNN propaganda crew largely speechless afterwards and waiting for Sessions to “rescue” them.

These “polls” showing Trump unpopular are no more useful than those who predicted him losing the election. They have the same basic FLAW they are national poll and we do NOT have a national election for President.

If these “popularity” polls were properly “weighted” to be in line with how electoral votes are apportioned Trump’s “popularity” would look quite different. The reason his speech seems so successful reflects the same logical other than hard core old line dinosaur Democrats who have nothing to do with the future it was a speech crafted to appeal to everyone else.

I am sure the Republicans are doing state by state polling and that they very much like what they see his support remains strong in the states he won and he is doing better in some states he did not do well in last election.

It is very early but that is the formula for Trump’s re-election …

He may still have a big problem if his policies don’t work as he intends and/or he is unable to implement them. That is a poor strategy for Democrats to win hoping the other guy fails because they have no vision of their own to offer which is coherent or appealing.

Again it’s the last election all over again. Clinton trying to win simply by criticizing Trump! Right now the Democrats have no REAL leadership. If you are a real Democrat distance yourself from the mindless HATE politics of Schumer, Pelosi and most so called Democratic Party  “leaders” and ..

Forge a New Democratic Party that will DEFEAT Donald Trump next time.

Arthur-Piccolo-ObamasAmericaEDITOR’S NOTE: About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.

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