Trump’s America – Episode 70 – Family Business – Special Episode

Destroying The Family Business Right Here At Bowling Green
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By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. May 18, 2018: Yes, this is a special episode because it is dedicated (sic) to and about three very special (sic) families: the Trumps, Sauds and Windsors.

They all share a very important key feature – they make use of the government to rip off the rest of us in grand, or maybe better yet, royal fashion.

BE FOREWARNED. This will not be a pretty picture that I paint here.

It is about ROT at the center of society. It is about the ultimate evil in any society. It is about INEQUALITY; corrosive Inequality and its symbols, which we are often persuaded to praise when we should condemn them because they are wrapped so brightly for our consumption.

So, if you cannot stand the Truth, look away; but you shouldn’t.

Let me be clear. Inequality is necessary. Inequality is good. Inequality is the driving force for progress. But only when Inequality is fair; When Inequality is not excessive; When Inequality is earned.

NOT when 1% control almost 99% of the wealth and power. That is nothing but destructive!

What the Trumps, Sauds and Windsors symbolize, each in a different way, is that inequality out of control. Since they all profit mightily from the kind of symbolism they want to represent, they deserve to be harshly criticized for the symbolism they really represent.

And yes do watch the so called Royal Wedding Saturday and deprive yourself of sleep if you like but be aware of what you are watching; and if you appreciate the satire, it will be well worth your time and mine.

So watch the manufactured symbolism for global consumption that has been going on for weeks now out of Merry Old England and watch Saturday most of all and see through it, for the symbolism it truly represents.

And yes we have a Royal wedding EXCLUSIVE for you in this episode that you will not find anywhere else guaranteed. We will keep it as a surprise ending for this Special Episode of Trump’s’ America.

Why this Story Book Wedding almost never happened …

Now back to the main story …

Yes, they are all “royalty” in the most obnoxious ways. What they share in common they may not appreciate, but probably it is a Sucker Deal they serve the rest of the world.

I will try and keep this brief so you can watch all the Harry & Megan specials on most channels, except the Comedy Channel where it belongs.

My special wedding gift to them is this week’s graphic. One of Harry’s well-known ancestors – Great Grandpa George – being ripped apart right here at Bowling Green, NY. They should come fora Royal Visit!

For this Inequality Tour, I will begin with the Horrible Trumps, move on to the Ridiculous Suds and finish up with Old Betsy Windsor and her useless kids and grandchildren. Collectively all of them – a Motley Crew.

While Donald Trump and his ethically challenged family are not technically so called “royalty,” they sure act like it and they inhabit the same world of privilege. And most of all, they live off the TRUMP name.

What has Trump ever profited from except his inflated hyped up name, which he sells to Suckers all over the world.

And likewise, his kids live off the Trump name. Most of all Daughter #1, with her line of clothing and accessories, and indirectly very much her husband and his real estate empire, “secured” with the Trump name.

NOW Donald and them and his two clueless sons have turned OUR White House into the Trump “brand,” which in spite of the mess they have made here, will fuel the family business for generations to come, ensuring the TRUMP name is always a commodity to be sold to the highest bidder.

Which brings us to the next set of Wealthy Vultures – the Sauds, who have a direct link to the Trumps. Donald and his family see big $$$$ Signs every time they think of the Saud family. You can bet on the fact that once Trump leaves The White House, the sooner the better, we will see the TRUMP named plastered on buildings all over Saudi Arabia.

Pay back for the Trumps for President Trump giving the Saud Family whatever they want from the U.S. Clearly the value in doing so has not escaped the Master of the Deal. Trump will do very well in Saudi Arabia.

Who is the Saud Family; all these endless Princes, and most of all the Crown Prince and his father the King of Saudi Arabia? They are a bunch of thugs who have raped a country of its vast oil wealth to make themselves fabulously wealthy.

How did they become Royalty? A few generations ago they slaughtered their rivals, the other gangs of Mideast Cut Throats battling to take over the land now called Saudi Arabia.

The Saud Family Gang won, and they claimed all the spoils. Billions of gallons of oil to make themselves fabulously wealthy and call themselves anything they want. What better than Kings and Princes? Especially since Kingdoms do not have niceties like elections or freedoms. Instead, the King and his family rule over the land and their subjects. The Sauds get to decree anything they like. Like woman having no rights; and that their subjects can be whipped, flogged brutally and publicly for anything the Sauds decide is an offense, and executed as they like.

With great timing, our media partner, The Wall Street Journal, ran a story about how the new hip and young Crown Prince, soon to be King, got so rich and so fast that he buys a  $500 MILLION yacht that caught his eye one day on a whim for cash and recently paid more for a painting at auction that had ever been paid by anyone. Both pocket change to him.

Let’s turn briefly to the WSJ article titled … “Mohammed bin Salman’s Guide to Getting Rich” and subtitled …

“The heir to the Saudi throne and his family members have used businesses connected to government to make their fortune, including a mammoth deal involving Airbus.”

ENCORE …. “The heir to the Saudi throne and his family members have used businesses connected to government to make their fortune.”

It certainly beats working to get rich. Be the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia!

The WSJ Article begins …

“While other sons of Saudi Arabia’s founder grew wealthy from government business, Salman, then the governor of this capital city, supported his family with handouts from his brother the king. Mohammed decided to change that, he later told associates.

“Nearly two decades later, Salman is king, Mohammed bin Salman, known as MBS, is the crown prince who says he wants to crack down on corruption and remake the Saudi economy along more modern lines. Prince Mohammed is also fantastically wealthy. In recent years, he has acquired one of the world’s largest yachts, a French palace and a $450 million Leonardo de Vinci.”

All I will add is one more paragraph from this long expose of Saud wealth.

“How the prince amassed his wealth exemplifies ways that the autocratic kingdom, essentially a family business, continues to intermingle commercial ventures and Saudi government connections to a degree far from Western norms. While it’s been long known the Saudi royal family keeps a share of the nation’s oil income, other business dealings involving the family’s dominant branch have been held more closely.”

That rights, all the $$$ BILLIONS in oil wealth they “legally” steal from the local population, taking their cut off the top is not enough to feed their greed; they also get a BIG cut of all business deals in the Kingdom.

And who is the biggest most supportive friend of the Saud family, these so called Royals ever had in The White House? Yes indeed, President Donald Trump!

ENOUGH! Let’s get to everyone favorite Royals hotter than ever all over the Globe this week …. trumpets please ….  The Windsors-  led by Old Betsy Windsor, aka Queen Elizabeth, and for Anglicans all over the word including Trinity Wall Street, Queen Elizabeth is also the equal of the Pope for Roman Catholics. For the Anglican Communion, she is God’s saintly representative on Earth.

Yes, the Windsors are exactly like the Saud Family in the most important way of all. How did they become Kings, Queens, Princes and Princesses hundreds of years ago? By SLAUGHTERING their rivals to claim ownership of England.

Now stripped of all their power, but not their fabulous wealth they “earn” (sic) it all simply by being born. Too bad the rest of us don’t have that privilege. That would solve all the world’s problem. The moment everyone on earth is born, you automatically become fabulously wealthy and for your entire life everyone calls you Prince or Princess, and just maybe King or Queen.

Too bad the British people never grew up and learned a lesson from their former Colonists and DUMPED the Royal BS. Now they are left with these third-rate actors with non-jobs for life; pampered with British tax dollars, living lives of luxury playing Royalty. And holding Royal Weddings.

What are the Trumps, Sauds and Windsors really doing? Selling blatant extreme INEQUALITY to all the rest of us and giving it a Happy Face. We allow the 1% to keep control of 99% of the world’s wealth and power.

So what is the Royal Wedding exclusive? If Megan Markle, like almost all children who are the product of bi-racial parents had been born completely Black, this Royal Wedding would never have taken place. Explanation not needed.

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(This entire series is dedicated in honor of the late Liu Xiaobo)

Arthur-Piccolo-ObamasAmericaEDITOR’S NOTE: About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.