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By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Aug. 10, 2018: Once again the United Sates should FOLLOW Canada’s lead …

in national health care, in legalizing marijuana and now in …..

CONDEMNING this GOON and so-called Crown Prince, Mohammad bin Salman, or as President Trump calls him, His Royal Highness; when he should be known as His UNRoyal LOWNESS, the Lead Saud Thug.

So why does His Lowness deserve an episode of Trump’s America this week? Because here we have the good sense to FOLLOW Canada’s lead.

While so-called President Donald Trump bends over for the Saud Family, now led by His Lowness and they can do no wrong in his eyes, Canada is not.

Let me begin with the latest news from NEW media partner The Financial Times lead story in their issue today Thursday …


Now let’s dig into this cover story …

“Saudi Arabia is selling Canadian assets as the kingdom escalates its response to Ottawa’s criticism of the arrest of a female activist. The Saudi central bank and state pension funds have instructed their overseas asset managers to dispose of their Canadian equities, bonds and cash holdings ‘no matter the cost,’ two people with direct knowledge of the orders said.”

How dare Canada criticize the REGRESSIVE dictatorial thugs who rule over Saudi Arabia treating women like slaves? President Trump certainly will not!

Let’s continue with the assistance of media partner FT …. and be thankful News Americas Now is paying the cost for this very expensive partnership. Most of our readers who are NOT the Super Rich cannot afford a subscription.

“The sell-off began on Tuesday and underlines how the Gulf monarchy is flexing its financial and political muscle to warn foreign powers against what it regards as interference in its sovereign affairs. “This is severe stuff,” said one banker.”

So what is His Lowness doing about?

Saudi Arabia has begun a sell-off of Canadian holdings;

Expelled the country’s ambassador;

Frozen new trade and investment with Ottawa;

Suspended a student exchange program to Canada;

Halted Saudi Arabian Airlines flights to the North American country and ….

Ended all medical treatment programs in Canada.

“The dispute between Riyadh and Ottawa erupted after Chrystia Freeland, Canada’s foreign minister, called for the release of Samar Badawi, a prominent Saudi women’s rights activist who has family in Canada. ”


A woman activist in Saudi Arabia calling for EQUALITY for women and an end to their OPPRESSION. She is LUCKY she was not stripped naked, given 100 lashes in public then HANGED and her body parts fed to the Royal Dogs.

Have no doubt President Trump now has even more admiration for His Lowness than he did before he attacked Canada. In fact, Trump’s America has received an unconfirmed report that President Trump called his good friend, His Lowness, who he calls MBS, as do all his many rich powerful friends …

Here is again the unconfirmed transcript of the call cell phone to cell phone.

TRUMP …. MBS I am so proud of you. The Canadians are out of control. Especially their whacky Prime Minister Trudeau. He is a real nut job.

MBS …. Thank you Donald. I knew you would be the first to call and congratulate me. My entire family appreciates you and your family too. You don’t go for this women’s rights crap either. Or immigrant so-called rights.

TRUMP …. MBS you know me like the back of your hand. I also called to give you some good advice. Why don’t you just BOMB Canada. All your other moves are good, but nothing works as well as BOMBS.

Besides we have given and sold you so much of our most advanced weapons you should put them to work. If you need more I have plenty.


MBS …. Thank you Donald. You are our very best friend. And let me also thank you for all you are doing to Iran our other enemy. They are like Canada.

TRUMP ….. MBS are you ready? I have more good news. I won’t make an absolute promise but don’t be surprised if I make Iran DISAPPEAR. I have told my generals I am sick and tired of the U.S. having so many nuclear missiles that we NEVER use. How do we know if they still work?

MBS .. Donald that is MUSIC to my ears. If you do nuke those EVIL Iranians, I will feel like a little kid again on the last day of Ramadan waking to see what special gifts the Magical Mullah left for me like a new Ferrari or a 500 ft. super yacht. You nuking Iran will be even better!!

TRUMP …. MBS you and I are so much alike we could switch roles.

MBS …. You are so, so good to me and my family. How can we repay you?

TRUMP .. I am delighted you asked. We want the EXCLUSIVE right to put the TRUMP name on every new building built in Saudi Arabia, and every builder pay us millions $$$ each year for the right to do so.

MBS … Donald consider it done. Let me go now and BOMB Canada.

Again the call is not confirmed but it sure sounds real.

Back to media partner Financial Times.

“Ms. Badawi and another activist were arrested last week as part of a government crackdown against dissenting voices, human rights groups said. In response to (Canadian Foreign Minister) Ms. Freeland’s criticism ….”

Saudi Arabia expelled the Canadian ambassador;

froze new trade and investment with the G7 member,

suspended a student exchange program;

halted flights by state-owned Saudi Arabian Airlines to Canada.

“Riyadh also said it was suspending medical treatment programs in Canada and working to transfer Saudi patients out of the country. Adel al-Jubeir, Saudi foreign minister, told a press conference on Wednesday that there would be no new Saudi investment in Canada until the crisis was resolved ”

“Since Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman became heir apparent last year Riyadh has adopted an increasingly assertive approach to achieve its foreign and domestic policy aims. He has pledged to open up the conservative kingdom but has also displayed a decreasing tolerance for criticism.”

“German companies have also complained about difficulty in securing contracts in Saudi Arabia since Berlin criticized Riyadh’s role in Lebanese politics and moved to halt arms sales to countries involved in the war in Yemen, including Saudi Arabia.”

“Analysts say Riyadh’s decision to sell off Canadian assets risks further undermining business confidence in the kingdom.” These sorts of actions are not going to assure minds about the stability of doing business there,” said a leading emerging markets investor.”

Who cares? His Lowness has President Trump, and Trump is all in with MBS and the entire Saud Family of thugs who STEAL most the Saudi oil wealth for themselves and to do so operate one of the most repressive regimes on Earth where ELECTIONS are a very DIRTY world that will get you thrown in jail for suggesting them and again be LUCKY if you are not also whipped and hanged for such an egregious idea. And then fed to the Royal Dogs.

About those horns on the so-called Saudi Crown Prince in the photo with this episode. …that is another Trump’s America EXCLUSIVE.

In all other photos of His Lowness, the HORNS are air brushed out.

At great expense and even more DANGER, my publisher sent an undercover photographer to Riyadh for our exclusive never before seen photo of the REAL so-called Saudi Crown Prince.

My publisher is AMAZING!

Now maybe my readers will understand why I do not go to work at The New York Times, Wall Street Journal or Financial Times.

Just as Trump is all in with the Saud Family….

I am all in with News Americas!

 (This entire series is dedicated in honor of the late Liu Xiaobo)

Arthur-Piccolo-ObamasAmericaEDITOR’S NOTE: About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas. 

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