Trump’s America – Episode 89 – I Choose To Dream

The -U.S-Should-Own-The-Moon
Far Away From Washington D.C .

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By Arthur Piccolo

 News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Sept. 28, 2018: Yes, my response to the spectacle we witnessed in Washington, D.C. today is to let every other media source write and broadcast endlessly about it.

CNN, Fox News, NY Times and all the rest. Endless coverage … all you can take.

I will attack this story from a very unusual perspective.

Nothing that took place today speaks well of the government. It was a circus of competing blunt political agendas played out at the expense of two individuals, most of all, and the rest of us. There were no winners today.

So, I will do what I have from time to time turn philosophical in searching for a better future in response in which we realize the potential of our human race generally and America specifically in which we lead the way to the future.

At times like this, as I have previously, I utilize outer space as a metaphor for the vast human potential we are not realizing as witnessed today that is within our grasp if and only if many of us find a way beyond the politics of today.

Today’s episode ironically came to me while I was watching the Senate committee hearing while also reading The Wall Street Journal, one of my regular media partners. I’ll use media partner The New York Times too today.

The story itself was not a positive message about the United States and our efforts in space, but rather about what Japanese entrepreneurs are planning, which America should have achieved long ago, but still has no plans to do.

Another story about Con Man Elon Musk in today’s news plays a useful “supporting” role in this episode. Then I will bring in a third element a major new film opening in October “The First Man.” So here we go.

“Japanese Firms Chase Lunar Opportunities” in The Wall Street Journal.

The other ironically related story I will get to is from media partner The New York Times today is “S.E.C. Sues Tesla’s Elon Musk, Seeking to Bar Him From Running a Public Company.”

So while so much attention was on the Senate Judiciary Committee, there was other news taking place which also had value constructive value.

Here we go far away from Washington, D.C. ….

“For Japan’s tiny startup scene, space is the bold new frontier. On Wednesday, Ispace Inc., a Japanese company that wants to send hundreds of robots to map, mine and make deliveries to the moon, said it has reserved space on SpaceX rockets due for launch in mid-2020 and mid-2021. Its goal is to build a business around the missions needed to create a 1,000-person industrial city on the moon by 2040.”

A 1,000-person city on the Moon by 2040. A JAPANESE city!

“A handful of Japanese companies are jockeying for position in the global rush for business opportunities on the moon, fueled by falling launch costs and growing government spending.

What is the United States doing?

“The U.S. is studying building a lunar station in the mid-2020s. China plans to send rovers to far side of the moon this year.”

America NEVER has ever!

That’s right, the U.S. is STUDYING while others are doing. That means both the U.S. government and even less all the U.S. space entrepreneurs. At least President Trump is STUDYING placing an American base on the Moon. Former President Barack Obama wanted absolutely nothing to do with the Moon. Obama was just another mindless Mars Cadet. Like Elon Musk!

Yea, I know Musk put on a show last week about sending some Billionaire on an expensive joy ride to make a turn around the Moon, not coming close to landing and head right back to Earth. Nothing but a wasteful stunt that is not going to happen anyway. It was just another Elon Musk publicity hustle.

The real news about Elon Musk today tells his real story. From The New York Times, “S.E.C. Sues Tesla’s Elon Musk, Seeking to Bar Him From Running a Public Company.” Amen to that if it ever happens.

That’s right Elon Musk – America’s #1 Con Man. The bigger problem with Musk is his Mars fantasies which the media most certainly including The New York Times has swallowed along with too many politicians like the aforementioned Barack Obama – to send humans to MARS anytime soon.

Musk has achieved convincing the gullible who are legion in numbers to think of the Moon as useless but Mars as the inviting goal when the opposite is the truth Mars is worthless to us while the Moon is so so valuable to our future.

Back to the Japanese in The Wall Street Journal …

“Ispace’s two missions will comprise a mid-2020 lunar-orbiter launch and a mid-2021 moon landing. On that second trip its robot lander will carry two rovers, 22-pound. robots on wheels. The company is now taking orders for other payloads—the lander can haul 66 pounds—and seeking sponsorships to help cover operational costs.”

“After the second mission, the company plans to quickly start deploying robots every month, said Takeshi Hakamada, ispace founder and chief executive.” That’s right they are ALL in for the Moon and its potential.

The Chinese do not plan to be far behind while America spends billions upon billions sending useless probe after useless probe to Mars searching for life on Mars that does not exist or maybe Martians hiding underground there.

Elon Mars should go to Mars today and stay there forever please.

As for that new big budget movie “The First Man.”

Irony of ALL ironies ….

We are endlessly fascinated by the true story of the FIRST human on the Moon. An American of course Neil Armstrong in 1969. 50 long years ago and we have NOT had any American on the Moon since December 1972.

When 50 years after Neil Armstrong by now America should have thriving human research centers on the Moon, tourists on the Moon, many private businesses on the Moon, long term human colonies on the Moon.

America should “own” the Moon right now, proving Americans are the future here in the 21st century. Instead, we are being left behind.

All we have is another major and acclaimed movie about Americans on the Moon titled “The First Man,” which stars Ryan Gosling opening October 12th.

And we have the circus that took place in Washington, D.C. on Thursday.

Which is why I choose to dream about the Moon and so should you.

(This entire series is dedicated in honor of the late Liu Xiaobo)

Arthur-Piccolo-ObamasAmericaEDITOR’S NOTE: About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.