Trump’s America – Episode 94 – She’s Back!

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By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Nov. 2, 2018: I know this episode cannot “officially” be a scary Halloween story since Halloween was Wednesday, so instead it is a SCARY post-Halloween story!

Although the good news sort of is Thursday and Friday are celebrated as the days of the DEAD among Native Americans and since this episode is about the living DEAD, it is precisely timed to coincide with that celebration.

You read it first here a few weeks ago in a one sentence reference I made about Hillary and 2020, which you may not remember, but this week Hillary Clinton is the STAR of this episode of Trump’s America because …

There is absolutely no doubt whatsoever now that Clinton is trying to find a way to capture the Democratic Party nomination for President again in 2020 and have no doubt who her strongest advocate is – the one and only Bill Clinton.

In a normal world, that would qualify them both as clinically insane and to be institutionalized for their own safety and everyone else’s most of all. But Dear Readers, we do not live in that normal world; we live in this world. YIKES!

It was clear what she was doing when over the last month or so, Hillary Clinton became notably more visible, giving lots of interviews and making lots of public appearances and planting the question with her interviewers – would she PLEASE consider running in 2020.

She gave the expected coy answer: “not really but …”

Now we have reached the next stage this week. The Washington Post, New York Times and other major publications are publishing articles asking the question: is Hilary Clinton running for President in 2020?

Clinton’s updated reply is: “I’d like to be President but ..”.

BUT WHAT Hillary? Are the rest of us that suicidal to say YES she can!

This is now all Hillary & Bill’s plan to screw the Democratic Party and then America once again, just as they have before. Here is the sick logic – they have absolutely nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain by putting the rest of us and America at risk. It’s all about them, not the rest of us.

President Donald Trump’s best path to re-election is very, very clear – a Presidential race against Hillary Clinton AGAIN will allow him to do the impossible a second time – put together a collection of Electoral College votes from enough states for a clear majority NO matter the “popular” vote.

Here is the difference in 2020. It will probably be easier for him this time because the dislike of Hillary Clinton will be even higher than in 2016.

What is the most significant point here? The WEAKNESS of the Democratic Party, because there should not be a chance in Hell that Hillary Clinton can be the nominee for President on 2020. S

But SURPRISE! It is the very same WEAKNESS that allowed Clinton to intimidate and bully all the other many potential Democratic Party candidates, who in 2016, could have and should have run except for one who is not even a Democrat – Socialist Bernie Sanders.

As just one example, why didn’t Vice President Joe Biden run in 2016? There is no doubt he wants to be President. He could have beaten Hillary Clinton and absolutely would have beaten Donald Trump in the General Election.

Why not? Because the Clintons and President Obama had formed an evil partnership to ensure Hillary the nomination. President Obama did everything possible to discourage other candidates. Barack Obama would have cashed in big time with President Hillary Clinton, giving Obama complete access to her White House and praising him without limit as a GREAT President.

As for Biden, of course I have absolutely no proof, but I am convinced Clinton was so worried about Biden she went so far as to promise Joe Biden she would name him Secretary of State to keep him from running.

It is worthwhile here for me to retrieve my commentary from a recent episode in which I made my earlier brief comment about Hillary Clinton; and let me repeat it in its wider context as right to the point in this new episode ….

In Episode 91, I listed all the many leading potential Democratic candidates for President in 2020 as listed in The Washington Post. Then I referenced Hillary Clinton. who is nowhere to be found on the Washington Post list …

“Senator Cory Booker, Senator Kristen Gillibrand, Senator Kamala Harris, Senator Bernie Sanders, Senator Elizabeth Warren, Senator Amy Klobuchar, Senator Jeff Merkley, Senator Chris Murphy, Senator Sherrod Brown, Congress member John Delaney, Congress member Tim Ryan, Congress member Tulsi Gabbard, Congress member Seth Moulton, Governor Steve Bullock, Governor John Hickenlooper, Governor Terry McAuliffe, Governor Andrew Cuomo, Governor Jay Inslee, Former Governor Deval Patrick, Mayor Peter Buttigieg, Mayor Julian Castro. Mayor Eric Garcetti, Mayor Mitch Landrieu, Mayor Bill de Blasio, Business leader Andrew Yang, Business leader Tom Steyer, Business leader Mark Cuban, Business leader Howard Schultz, Business leader Sheryl Sandberg, Celebrity Oprah Winfrey, Former VP Joe Biden, Former Missouri Sec, of State Jason Kander, Former Attorney General Eric Holder.”

That is it from The Post back in June. Of course, they must now add MICHAEL BLOOMBERG and let me add the GORILLA in the room …

the one and only Hillary Clinton. If you heard her in recent days being interviewed, she sounds like a candidate, as ridiculous as the idea is.

That was a passing reference to Hillary just 3 weeks ago, and now just 3 weeks later, talk about Clinton running for President is everywhere. This Dear Readers is not chance; it is a coordinated effort by The Clintons and their sycophants.

Make NO mistake about it; Hillary is the dangerous GORILLA in the room.

Should we have a woman as President in 2020? That is a very good idea! There is no doubt a woman must be on the Democratic Presidential Ticket in 2020. There are many outstanding women who should and will be running in 2020. And more who have not surfaced yet, who might after this election cycle.

So, what does another Hillary Clinton candidacy do? It would suck all the oxygen away from them, making it difficult if not impossible, for other women to gain traction in crowded field. This time nobody should step aside for her.

Ironies of ironies – there are always ironies – this time Hillary’s ONLY path to the nomination will be a crowded field. The very same situation necessary for Trump to get the Republican nomination in 2016. In a crowded field, the one candidate with more name recognition and “celebrity” status has a big advantage as Trump did in 2016, and Hillary could have in 2020.

For all of us, it is an easy choice should we want to elect a New President in 2020 or instead nominate Hillary Clinton and LOSE. It should be an easy choice except what so called Democratic Party leaders lack:

  • Courage, 2) Leadership and 3) Vision. Advantage Hillary Clinton!

Not that she possesses any of those qualities; she does not. It is in the absence of those qualities among others that can provide her an opening.

Here is what every other potential Democratic Party candidate for President should say right NOW and everyone else who claims to be a Democratic Party leader.


What do Hillary and Bill Clinton represent? They are the past, not the future. Their time has come and gone. Further, they are both seriously ethically flawed. William Jefferson Clinton is only one of two known sex offenders while President. The other being Thomas Jefferson. By the way, Bill was always defended by Hillary in all his sexual “exploits,” beginning in Arkansas.

As for Hillary, the potential candidate, she is the ONLY U.S. government official in history who ILLEGALLY installed a PERSONAL email server for all her government communications as Secretary of State, then making it even worse, DESTROYED half of those emails without any approval to do so.

It is time for Democrats to just say NO TO HILLARY right now!

(This series dedicated in honor of the late Liu Xiaobo & Jamal Khashoggi)

Arthur-Piccolo-ObamasAmericaEDITOR’S NOTE: About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas. 

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