By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Aug. 28, 2020: It is by far the most exclusive college on Earth ….

Many, many apply for this College but very, very few graduate.

In 230 years since it was created, this College has only graduated 44 and they have all been men. Diplomas are only issued once every 4 years – early in November. Commencement ceremonies now take place the following January and the valedictorian is always that one graduate who gives his speech.

They are always immediately hired for the best job on Earth! It even comes with a very big super-duper airplane and a very big house painted white.

Yes of course it is The Electoral College founded in 1788.

This year, only either Joe Biden or Donald Trump will graduate. Biden for the first time or Trump for the second time. The other FAILS and goes home.

Now is a very, very good time to write an episode about the Electoral COLLEGE because too many as usual think the student who has the most credits wins the Diploma to The White House.


Most everyone agrees, barring a miracle, Joe Biden will have the most credits and just like when Hillary Clinton in August 2016 was sure to get more credits than the laggard Donald Trump, and she did, that Hillary would graduate.

She did not of course because obtaining this Diploma is far more complicated and complex. And it was Donald Trump who understood the curriculum far better. There are more than 50 separate tests to take to GRADUATE.

It is very clear Joe Biden may make the same mistake and go home, while right now so, so many, including the media, think that is ridiculous; just as they did four years ago. Joe Biden who sleeps a lot may not understand all this.

Up to and following last week’s Democratic Party virtual FEAR OF TRUMP Presidential Convention, an exact repeat of the Democratic Presidential Convention of 2016 featuring Hillary Clinton back then, except that one was “real” not virtual, Hillary Clinton simply had to wait a few months going through the motion to win the election and then become Madame President.

Well it may be worse this time. While multi-millionaire Nancy Pelosi luxuriates in her palatial Napa Valley super vineyard, gorging on ice cream on vacation until September 14th while REAL Democrats SUFFER physically and financially from Covid-19,  and Joe Biden hides out in his basement as he has for months and months waiting for his Degree in November …..

Republicans and Donald Trump went on the ATTAC|K this week with a far more entertaining live and virtual Presidential Convention with the very logical purpose of winning the Electoral College – not a national popularity contest. Both Conventions were and are manufactured fantasies.

That is the point – Trump got elected because he is so much better at “reality” TV.

And I am writing this episode before the highlight of this Donald Trump Show which took place on Thursday evening and will probably be even better than the first 3 installments – Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights.

I have watched all of both Conventions as a sacrifice for my readers and on C-Span most of all, so I can see what both Parties put on the screen without the BS commentary on CNN and Fox.

 I don’t care how much The New York Times and others SPIN the conventions and invert reality; the Democratic version was so very dark and fearful, just like 4 years ago, trying to prove electing Donald Trump is far, far worse than electing the Devil Himself …..

That electing Trump would be the DEATH of the United States and the destruction of all our lives. REMEMBER I am talking about the Democratic Party Convention in 2016, and yes, NOW again about this 2020 Convention.

It did not work with the Electoral College in 2016 when Hillary was so far ahead of Trump in the polls as Biden is now. Back then Hillary might as well have gone back to her mansion and rested up for her upcoming Inauguration ……

Just as Joe Biden is now hiding in his basement, resting up and waiting for Inauguration in January. But it is worse than that because whatever else you say about Hillary Clinton, she was a better campaigner than Biden, and she was not as eager as Biden to be INVISIBLE now until Election Day.

This is not funny since as of right now, Joe Biden has absolutely no real campaign events and no campaign travel plans on his schedule, while Donald Trump will be flying here there and everywhere almost every day until November 3rd, and most of all to the Battle Ground Swing States again and again.

Assisting Trump even more is that there has not been one word at the Democratic Convention about looting and arson and NOT peaceful protests taking place that is a very big election GIFT for Donald Trump.

Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and all the Democrats in Congress going on a FIVE-week PAID vacation without demanding another Covid-19 relief package is another big GIFT for Donald Trump where it counts – with Swing Voters who are suffering too.

But the very biggest GIFTS of all from Democrats to Donald Trump was choosing Joe Biden and running the worst campaign possible, once again convincing themselves Donald Trump is UNELECTABLE …

The only place that really counts is the Electoral College and there it is …

TOO CLOSE TO CALL on who will get the Diploma – Biden or Trump.

(This series dedicated in honor of the late Liu Xiaobo & Jamal Khashoggi)


EDITOR’S NOTE: About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.