Trump’s America – Episode # 193 – Joe Biden’s Milk Shake

Have Another One Joe!

By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Oct. 23, 2020: SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT …. in next week’s episode I will be announcing my choice for President and why I guarantee it will SHOCK you.

But for today, we know what Biden and Pelosi do when they get together …

Joe has his favorite milkshake, and Nancy eats gourmet chocolate.

HERE’S WHAT they don’t talk about …

A new STUMULUS package for tens of millions of Americans and for small businesses, and they don’t talk about Hunter Biden’s computer.

All we know is Joe Biden likes vanilla milkshakes chocolate too. As for Nancy, “who needs stimulus,” she’s one of the RICHEST members of Congress!

The rest of us – the little people, the outsiders – don’t get milkshakes or stimulus.

Has anyone heard Biden say anything in support of a NEW stimulus package during his campaign? No, you have not, because he hasn’t.  Why?????

And are you aware of Nancy Pelosi’s TRICK play? You should if you read my recent episodes as you certainly should. Once again, the reason tens of millions of Americans and small businesses are SUFFERRING is Nancy Pelosi, not Dumb Brain-Dead Mitch McConnell or the Republicans.

Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats do not need even one Republican vote in the House to pass the new almost $2 TRILLION stimulus package on the table. And in the Senate, all the 45 Democrats and 2 so called Independents who always vote Democrat need, is just FOUR Republican Senators …

You can safely bet yourself, your children, your house and everything  you own – also include your husband or wife if you wish and if they are worth it  – that more than FOUR Republican Senators will vote YES, no matter what the IDIOT Mitch McConnell says or does.

How do I know?

Because there are more than 4 Republican U.S. Senators who may LOSE to their Democratic challengers, and among the rest, there are also more than FOUR Republican U.S. Senators who care about our nation, suffering Americans and our economy, and know we need more STIMULUS now.

How Idiot Mitch McConnell and the other pathetic, mean spirted, out of touch Republican U.S. Senators vote does not matter at all. Let them expose themselves for what they are and suffer the consequences!

We also know that once the new stimulus bill passes the House and Senate, guaranteed President Trump will sign it within 60 seconds or less.

There in Dear Readers lies the REAL problem that no one in the media, including Fox News, is addressing. The entire so-called MAJOR media simply reports in all kinds of ways that it is a mystery to them why a new stimulus bill has not been passed and become law. Are they that Clueless?

Let me take you into a typical virtual meeting, also known as a phone call between Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi. You will not learn about anywhere else.

Nany Pelosi …. Hi Joe, how was your nap?

Joe Biden … Wonderful Nancy, I will take another after this call.

Nancy Pelosi … Joe, I have very good news for you again.

Joe Biden … Nancy, you know well, it’s the only kind I accept.

Nancy Pelosi … Just like yesterday Joe, I made sure NO more stimulus!

Joe Biden …. I will never tire of your daily calls to tell me that.

Nancy Pelosi ….. We know you will win, but we have to make sure.

Joe Biden …… Roger that Nancy. There must be NO stimulus bill.

Nancy Pelosi ….. Just like you, I love to watch Trump squirm.

Joe Biden ….. I promise you I will not say a word about stimulus at the debate.

Nancy Pelosi ….. Perfect Joe, stimulus is a dirty word at the Debate.

Joe Biden … Done Nancy. I’ll have a milkshake before my next nap.

Nancy Pelosi …. And Joe, I will enjoy some gourmet ice cream.

Joe Biden …. OK sweet dreams Nancy. Let’s talk again tomorrow.

HERE IS THE REST OF THE STORY you will read nowhere else.

Nancy Pelosi has a bigger problem than making sure Biden is elected. There is a major rebellion among many Democrats in Congress who desperately want a NEW stimulus bill that will pass, and who care about America.

Unfortunately, Congress is run just like China’s Communist Party. All power is at the top. Those who get out of line are savaged. There are only FOUR members of Congress who have all the power.  In the House – the Speaker and the Minority Leader; and in the Senate – the Majority and Minority Leader.

There are all kinds of insidious never seen ways these two Democrats and two Republicans in Congress CONTROL their members. They can make life HELL for House Members and Senators in ways large and small. Beginning with Committee assignments, but much more, approving staff hiring, office expenses, office locations, travel privileges, etc. etc. etc.

Topping all these are INTIMIDATION. Once word gets out to all the Sheep in Congress, some Member has lost favor with one of these four and they are as good as “dead” to the others in their Party. And guess who is the most VICIOUS of them all? The gourmet ice cream loving Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

The media has a parallel problem – they don’t want to lose favor with Nancy and have their reporters get shut out. Plus most are members of Nancy’s fan club.

SO, WHAT’S THE PROBLEM, if somehow impossibly Joe Biden loses?

Silly, it is not that Trump will be President, as bad as that is. For Nancy, it is much, much more personal. Nancy had to make a Draconian choice …

NO stimulus and help Joe while having many angry Democratic Members, especially those in close races who just might lose without more stimulus, OR pass stimulus and possibly, slightly reduce the odds against Trump losing.

EASY CHOICE for Nancy. If Biden wins, she will be Speaker no matter what, for at least 4 more years, even if she is embalmed before 2025 but …

IF miracle of miracles Biden somehow loses – NANCY IS DONE.

You heard it here first like so much else. If Biden, loses Nancy will NOT be elected Speaker again in January 2021.

Why? Two reasons.

One, the animosity kept quiet by the mainstream media that she has generated among members by refusing to allow a new stimulus bill.

And second, her time has come and gone, and a majority of Democrats in the House will vote for a NEW Speaker.

NOW, let the excitement build for next week’s episode and my announcement on who I will write in (oops I let that slip) for President on November 3rd.

(This series dedicated in honor of the late Liu Xiaobo & Jamal Khashoggi)


EDITOR’S NOTE: About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.