Latin America Stock Market Rebounds

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News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Weds. Aug. 10, 2011: Taking a hint from the U.S. market, Latin America stocks recovered Tuesday following a steep drop off on Monday.

The MSCI Latin America stock index recovered 2.07 percent Tuesday. Brazil’s Bovespa stock index surged 5.1 percent, recovering more than half of Monday’s plunge.

Mexico’s IPC rebounded 2.1 percent while Chile’s IPSA gained 5.83 percent and recovered most of Monday’s losses.

Argentina’s Merval jumped 4.58 percent recovering almost half the historic plunge of Monday while the Peruvian capital Lima’s stock exchange recovered 2.6 percent on Tuesday after having plummeted 7 percent Monday.

And Colombia’s market was up 3.02 percent, after having lost 4.11 percent Monday.