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News Americas, Washington, D.C., Thurs. Feb. 15, 2024: The latest U.S. Census Bureau data today unveiled that the population of the US Virgin Islands, (USVI), stands at 87,146, marking a significant demographic snapshot from the 2020 Census.


Here’s a breakdown of the key findings:

Median Age and Gender Distribution: The median age of the total population is reported at 45.9 years, with males comprising 48.6% and females 51.4%.

Ethnic Composition: The majority of the population, accounting for 71.4%, identifies as Black, while the White alone population stands at 13.3%. Additionally, the Hispanic or Latino population accounts for 18.4%.

Household Dynamics: A notable statistic reveals that over two-thirds of grandparents (68.5%) live with grandchildren under the age of 18 in households predominantly led by women.

Educational Attainment: Approximately 22.3% of individuals aged 25 and over hold a bachelor’s degree or higher, indicating varying levels of educational achievement within the population.

Language Demographics: English remains the primary language, with 69.8% of those aged 5 and over speaking English only.

Poverty Rates: The data highlights that 22.8% of all people in households are below the poverty line, indicating socio-economic challenges within the community.

Unemployment: Within the civilian labor force, the unemployment rate stands at 9.7%, with a slightly higher rate among women at 10.1%.

Housing Landscape: Nearly 70% of all housing units are occupied, with 47.8% by owners and 52.2% by renters, providing insights into housing dynamics and occupancy rates.

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