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News Americas, WASHINGTON, D.C., Weds. April 17, 2024: The United States today announced the expiration of General License 44, which authorizes transactions related to oil or gas sector operations in Venezuela.

The decision according to the US State Department comes after a thorough assessment of the situation in Venezuela, where it was found that Nicolas Maduro and his representatives have not fulfilled the commitments outlined in the electoral roadmap agreement signed in Barbados in October 2023.

“While some progress has been made in meeting the commitments of the Barbados electoral roadmap, we remain concerned by the actions of the Maduro regime,” stated the US spokesperson. The statement highlighted instances where the democratic opposition faced obstacles, including the prevention of their chosen candidate’s registration, political harassment, intimidation, and the unjust detention of numerous political figures and civil society members.

The United States reiterated its call for Maduro to ensure the inclusivity of all candidates and parties in the electoral process and to release all political prisoners without delay or restrictions.

To facilitate an orderly transition following the expiration of General License 44, the US will issue a 45-day wind-down license. Additionally, the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control will consider requests for specific licenses to continue activities beyond the wind-down period on a case-by-case basis. General License 44, which authorizes transactions related to oil or gas sector operations in Venezuela, will expire at 12:01 AM tomorrow, April 18.

“We will continue to support the aspirations of the Venezuelan people for a more democratic, stable, and prosperous Venezuela,” the statement affirmed. The United States, along with its international partners, urged Maduro to honor all commitments made under the electoral roadmap established by the signatories of the Barbados Agreement.

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