Wasting The 2012 Election On Obama

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By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Feb. 3, 2012: First of all this is an important occasion that calls for a very special weekly commentary. This is my 52nd Obama Commentary in this series completing a one year cycle.

Thank you I am very proud of it!

For 52 consecutive commentaries now I have done what no one else has – exposed Barack Obama for who he is week after week for an entire year without fail.

Not like Whacky Right Wing Republicans who invent reasons to dislike, in fact hate Barack Obama, for no comprehensible reason. And I sure don’t hate him; I just want him to go away back to Chicago or Hawaii if he wants. Or anywhere else. Just go away!

As for the GOP minus the Goofies, Obama has proven most Republicans have nothing to fear from President Barack Obama. Come on! He is a member of the 1% the Republicans favorite group of all and The First Family is planning to reach much higher once he and Michelle cash in. When his “work” (sic) is done in The White House and after he finishes doing a job on the rest of us.

No I’m different. I attack him where he is truly vulnerable. For selling Progressive Democrats and Independents a Con Game to get all of us to enthusiastically make him President in 2008.

Now he wants us to re-elect him because the alternative is worse he argues. Call it a bait and switch offer. Here is the real answer. Barack don’t run as I have been proposing again and again in my Commentaries. As lonely as it has been for me to do so and why in this all important 52nd commentary I plan to make that case better than ever. Maybe, just maybe if I do, others will listen before it is absolutely too late. My logic is flawless not that being right is a very good formula for gaining popular support for any position. Our country does not run on logic much of the time, it runs on POWER. Those who have the POWER run things and they can sell us any absurdity they like. They control the game.

Except sometimes we reach yes a Tipping Point. Time to Tip! So here we go.

You can either believe Barack Obama is very likely to win because of the pathetic quality of his Republican opposition either Mitt Romney very likely or in some strange brew Newt Gingrich. OR conversely you can believe Barack Obama is in Big Trouble.

That Mitt Romney is playing the exact same game Barack Obama did to win The White House – just from the other side of the street.

K Street. Obama did it with a phony feign to all those on the so called “left.” Mitt Romney is making his to the so called “right” instead.

Here is The Deal.

Mitt Romney may well have a winning strategy appear like Obama, in many way offering the (false) promise of Change and a Better America for all (sic) by stressing slightly different issues. IF you listen he sounds more like Obama than you probably realize – selling HOPE for a better tomorrow.

The problem for Obama if you buy into Obama, is that Obama has been to the “change we can believe in” well already in 2008 and he can’t come back again because he’s been exposed for the lie it is.

At the same time Mitt Romney can because he is in the same position as Obama 4 years ago – he is the NEW messenger who can appeal to enough voters in states that will add up to a majority in the Electoral College and the Big Prize and his priceless asset will be dissatisfaction with Obama for not delivering “change we can believe in” he promised us four years ago.

OK you say you like the other version. Romney is a FLAWED candidate and Newt Gingrich ten times as FLAWED. That Obama largely has this election won already here in early February.

Another very plausible view. Yes the two exact opposite views of this next Presidential election are very, very true. Proving once again that one “truth” does not disprove its opposite as also “true.”

Now here is the far more impressive TRUTH worthy of my very very special 52nd weekly Commentary …

In either completely opposite scenario we are WASTING this election on Barack Obama. IF Obama is likely to lose well it is indisputable we especially meaning Progressive Democrats but all Democrats have NO reason to want Obama to run just so we can elect a Republican President. That argument is easy to make.

The opposite reality is even better believe it or not for all of us. And it is why this commentary is different than the others.

If indeed Romney is fatally flawed and Gingrich a hundred times more fatally flawed and Obama has no reason to be concerned about losing this next election. Well guess what? Even much more reason to take ADVANTAGE of this pathetic Republican field to nominate and elect a REAL Democrat on a platform of serious change rather than The Phony Change Master Obama.

Imagine – and sadly we can imagine it only too well – WASTING an election that can FINALLY CHANGE America for the better for the 99% of us and not doing so. OUCH.

And let’s get this one out of the way without delay. NO not Hillary instead. Another feckless member of the 1% whose only asset is she may be able to run an even better Con on us than Barack with even more with Bill C. sharing The White House with her with all his “experience” (sic). Yes sir The Man who repealed Glass-Siegel and gave us Chaos instead and a trillion more to rich bankers.

So forget Hillary, she has no place in this Commentary. Or in The White House. God help us every one.

We need an OPEN Democratic convention as our best hope in which enough sane Democrats force Barack Obama to PROVE that he is the Best Candidate by dismissing all the delegates meaning 100% of the delegates he is amassing for FREE as the
unopposed Presidential Democrat candidate.

Let Barack Obama release all those “pledged” delegates weeks, better months, before the convention and confidently challenge anyone who likes to do just that challenge him for the nomination.

The odds are overwhelming in Obama’s favor. He should have nothing to lose If he really is the overwhelming choice of Democrats. If it is safe for him to OPEN up the convention all that will do is add to his stature and invincibility. Prove he is a FEARLESS leader far more than snuffing bin Laden which isn’t
doing much to impress anyone no matter how often he drags out bin Laden’s dead body rhetorically!
So if you still don’t get it; that’s right, if you are saying opening up the convention would be DANGEROUS for Obama we’ll thank you. That is my point! We have a WEAK candidate in Obama.

But back to the other side. The alternative view Barack Obama will win EASILY he has no problems. Again MORE reason to bring in a real Change Master if even an unpopular Obama will easy beat any Knuckle Head the Republicans nominate.

So what kind of a candidate do we need you ask?. Could not care less what her or his name is. Whether they are Brown, Black, Yellow or White, or pick your favorite color. Don’t care what state they come from. Whether they are a governor, senator, business person or something else. I’d say whether they are straight or gay
but that one won’t work yet not in 2012. Maybe later.

The point is, it’s not the personality that is important it’s what they stand for what they promise to do for us the 99%. Really do.

I will keep this brief tonight because there is a big ‘virtual’ party taking place to celebrate my 52nd Commentary and the one year anniversary of this series of Hope …

And all of this a program for the future I’ve said before if you’ve been reading??? But here are a few items quickly.

TAXES is #1 of course see last week’s Commentary #51. All the
answers are there simply stated and concise. MILITARY spending. Not Obama’s phony cuts that will not seriously reduce the size of our bloated military and will still leave it far larger than before September 11. 2001. How about 50% reduction by the end of the next 4 year term. Now we’re talking?

That includes by the way offering a lot of current military personnel far more productive jobs out of uniform. And building a
true 21st century military not the out of date one we have now. And trimming Homeland “Security” down to a size that makes sense and we can afford. And not run a scare agency.

HEALTH care. Among many dumb ideas at the core of our national policy is the idiotic idea that medical insurance should be tied to the company you work for. Why not require companies to pay for your car insurance. How about your kid’s education.? The list could go on and on. Throw in your next vacation trip. Because just about any need you name makes as much sense for a company to pay for their employees as does their medical needs.

We need to do what every civilized country but one (that’s us) does have UNIVERSAL medical insurance for every American all our lives. And stop handicapping business with a service that has nothing to do with them.

Time to end American colonialism once and for all say goodbye Afghanistan right now. STOP backing dictators all over the globe like the goons excuse me the Royal Family The House of Saud that runs the aptly named SAUDI Arabia like a private company which it is. What’s that they will stop selling us oil? Really? What will they do with it? Drink it?

DEFICIT. Face the facts. As the Great Alexander Hamilton did in saving our nation from collapse more than 200 years ago. A national debt is a national blessing – not being frivolous, a national debt is a blessing if properly understood. Hamilton saved America by proving to the world what seemed impossible the promise of these United States as tattered as they were was so great and undeniable buying and holding American debt was one of the best and safest investments in history.

If we re-make America. Re-energize our nation we will unleash a huge new wave of advancement and vitality that will both pay off much of our national debt but much more make having a sizable national debt something do not need to be overly concerned.

What’s that you say, that is as big a pile of political BS as Obama or Romney or any of the others could possibly throw around?

WRONG. And here is why. The “secret,” and now everyone knows, is that what is blocking that kind of America is the kind of control the 1% the Super Money Class have in the U.S. and increasing more every year if not every day. And impoverishing all the rest of us making our future seem hopeless in degrees depending on exactly how poor you are and how low are your expectations.

ENDING the tax code as we know it AKA the biggest welfare program of them all that only benefits the Super Rich is the way to unleashing a NEW and better America. And by the way Warren Buffet America’s richest man is part of the problem not the solution. Hear that President Obama. I doubt it.

There is so much more to write but I don’t want to miss my Party and even more I need material for the next group of Commentaries.

The next marker is 60 then 75 then yes 100 all this yea!

I also need to save some new stuff for my book of these Commentaries which I am sure publishers will be clamoring for any time now. Now that I have reached 52 and the title can be …. “52 REASONS WHY OBAMA SHOULD NOT RUN”

I can’t wait for that book to be on your Kindle or iPad!

Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.

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