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A band participates in J’Ouvert 2009. (Hayden Roger Celestin image)

By NAN Staff Writer

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Aug. 25, 2017: It’s back! For another year a thread has surfaced on an Internet bulletin board frequented by New York cops who are placing racist, theoretical bets on how many people would be cut down by violence during the upcoming West Indian carnival and the Caribbean J’Ouvert events, News Americas has found.

On Thee Rant, under the thread “West Indian Day Parade / J’Ouvert Parade Over/Under,” many were betting on the number of murders, shootings and stabbings that could occur at the upcoming event.

Crowds at the West Indian American Carnival Day carnival penned in by the NYPD. (Hayden Roger Celestin image)

The bets come as The City of New York is partnering with Brooklyn Borough President Eric L. Adams and the New York City Police Department for a safer and later start to the J’Ouvert Parade on September 4, 2017.

And as the West Indian American Day Carnival continues to be saddled by reports that attribute all the crime that occurs in Brooklyn on the Labor Day weekend, to the event.

J’Ouvert, which means “daybreak” in French, is not affiliated with the West Indian American Day carnival, which is held from August 31st at the back of the Brooklyn Museum and on Labor Day Monday along Eastern Parkway.

J’Ouvert has been marred by violence in the past years and is a celebration that occurs in the wee hours of early Monday on the streets of Flatbush and Crown Heights.

On the thread, poster ‘Was In The Bag’ predicts “2 Murders (gun), 1 Murder (other than gun), 4 Non-lethal gunshot (victims),3 Non-lethal stabbing (victims)” at the two events this year, and included a video posting of Drowning Pool’s ‘Let The Bodies Hit The Floor.”

Another poster nicknamed ‘Bozo The Cop’ bets there will be “4 public service homicides, 2 gunshot survivors, 6 stabbings, 2 ass whippings, 1 head stomping and 2 politicians complaining about the police” while ‘Luigi’ predicts: “2 shooting DOA’s, 6 shooting non-DOA’s, 1 stabbing DOA, 11 stabbing non-DOA’s, 26 sexual assaults, numerous non-sexual assaults, 16 heffers with wardrobe malfunctions, 32 heffers with extreme grinding injuries.”

Poster Lexisman stated: “I’ll take 2 murders by gunshot, 4 non lethal shootings and 2 stabbings, not likely. And a good time will be had all.”

Posters to Thee Rant are generally active or retired cops. The site has no connection to the NYPD.


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