News Americas, NEW YORK, NY., Weds. Nov. 27, 2019: Donald Trump and his merry band of racist supporters rode into Sunrise, FL, a mostly Democratic enclave in Broward Country, South Florida Tuesday and the opposition they met with was pathetic at best.

In a county that has voted for a Democratic candidate in most of the presidential elections in the past four decades, and has gone Democratic in every election since 1992, the push back against Trump and his cult following represented more a cat’s meow than a lion’s roar.

Where were the Immigrants Against Trump, and most of all the Caribbean Immigrants Against Trump? Not much signs of a presence at the BB&T arena where the mostly White base of Trump supporters, with a few idiotic Latinos and Blacks adding color, were happily tail-gating and speaking about their “Greatest President Ever.”

In a county where the minority population outnumbers its white population, making the area one of the largest minority-majority counties in the country, and where an estimated 33 percent is considered foreign born, there was hardly any representation among the protestors, especially given Trump’s attacks on people of color ever since his run for office.

The xenophobic attacks Trump has waged and the anti-immigrant policies that has come from this administration and impacted immigrants, including Haitians, should have sent the more than 500,000 Caribbean immigrants out into the streets outside the BB&T arena in their backyards.

Afterall, thousands of Caribbean immigrants call the neighborhoods of Sunrise, Plantation, Tamarac, Lauderhill and Davie home. Dozens are also elected representatives of these neighborhoods, including the current mayor of Broward County.

But as usual, the Caribbean immigrant voice was MIA. Where were the Haitians who could face deportation over an end to TPS? Where were those running for office and claiming they want to represent the immigrant cause?

Nowhere near the Trump Rally for sure, as racists and a few Uncle Toms were allowed to come into the South Florida enclave of Democratic, immigrant and black voters without much push back, and applaud and bow down to their false God.

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