Yes Romney/Ryan Will “Chain” Americans

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Take a look at the Republican chains!
By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Aug. 17, 2012: Give us a break.

Mitt Romney and his new running mate Paul Ryan are upset that Joe Biden told a crowd this week these two want to put Americans back “in chains.” Are they annoyed he told the truth?

We sure aren’t getting any great champions for a better America in Barack Obama and his running mate but we should all be scared by what the Republican candidates are offering Americans.

Romney made this even clearer with his bad choice of Paul Ryan. Now there is no doubt where Romney would take the country if he pulled off the miracle victory, made even less likely with his announcement of Paul Ryan as his chosen running mate.
So about those chains?

Here is why Ryan says they are so upset: “because (it is) a desperate attempt to save a flailing campaign.” Maybe Joe Biden should have rather asked what is Paul Ryan smoking?

Paul Ryan, the phony “middle class” lapdog for rich right wing Republicans and their ideology of hatred for fairness and equality in America! Ryan would rap those chains tight given the chance.

Paul Ryan’s budget proposals would make matters far worse for most Americans, giving huge new tax breaks to the rich, and throwing even more money at the military while destroying as many worthwhile govt. programs as they can get their greedy hands on beginning with and most of all Medicare for the elderly.

No problem for his and Romney’s constituency – the richest 10% of Americans and even better for the super rich – 1%. They have absolutely no need for Medicare or most other federal government programs. They already have more money than they know what to do with and Romney/Ryan will give them more with less taxes.

Let’s understand what Romney and Ryan are fundamentally proposing and what it is all about. They want to remake the United States into a country with a weak federal government with the little more purpose than to maintain a huge military. It is in fact a vision of America as an oligarchy, much like China or Russia, even more fully under the control of the rich and the powerful with most Americans having less and less of a stake in their own country.

They want to create self-fulfilling prophesy in which there is increasing dissatisfaction among more and more Americans which leads to even more repressive measures to keep the nation “safe” from the disenfranchised, immigrants and other trouble makers.

It is an ideology born of a brutal view of reality in which the rich and the powerful see the world as hostile to their excessive accumulation of wealth at the cost of a more inclusive society.

What it addresses is the greed that is at the heart of much of human nature if left unchecked. The view that there is no such thing as being too rich no matter the cost to others.

Getting back to the chain remarks!

Here is more from Paul Ryan that it is proof in his remarks that the “Obama campaign is one of division and anger and hate.” What Ryan is doing here is Orwellian. He is trying to attribute the Republican campaign, which is all about division and anger and hate, and rather trying to pin it on the Democrats. Maybe Ryan thinks that nonsense will get Republicans votes. Add stupidity to the qualities their Republican ideology.
While Barack Obama is a very flawed President and candidate, it is not for those reasons Republican hate him. It is his unwillingness to bring us the change we need and he promises to counter the right wing ideologies and produce a better America for all.

What Republican are thinly masking is their carefully cloaked race issue against Obama. The ability of demagogues even today, is to make the color of one’s skin a divisive issue and to claim that people of color are the source of white peoples anxieties and problems without any basis at all. An appeal to the lowest emotional denominator while hiding it in a flag.

The real problem here is that Barack Obama, rather than calling Romney and Ryan’s bluff over their “outrage” over Biden’s comment, should have said: you heard Vice President Joe Biden correctly!

IF Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan were to win this election, it will mean a return to an America none of us should ever want to see again, in which too many Americans had to fear for their very lives.

A return to an America in which the rich are even richer and the poor even poorer. A return to an America in which hopelessness and despair are the lot of too many Americans.

What else do you think the Romney/Ryan draconian proposals to literally dismantle the federal budget and to end Medicare as we have known it for generations means?. In a Romney White House, with Paul Ryan at his side, there will be no place at the table for 90% of Americans who will all suffer at their hands.

If that is not putting Americans’ “back in chains” what is?

But Barack Obama said nothing at all like that.

All he did was explain away Biden’s comment.

How sad for all the rest of us!

EDITOR’S NOTE: Arthur Piccolo is a contributing writer to News Americas.