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News Americas, WASHINGTON, Fri. July 26, 2019:  A Caribbean-born chef is now the executive sous chef at The White House under the Donald Trump administration. Here are 10 things to know about this Caribbean immigrant:

1: He is Kashif Browne who was born in Guyana 29 years ago and grew up in Carmichael Street, Georgetown.

2: Browne is an alumnus of St. Margaret’s Primary and the Bishops’ High School in Guyana and initially started out his career in banking.

3: He left that all behind when he graduated to the US where his interest in food blossomed. He applied and got accepted into the International Culinary School at The Art Institute of Washington and began pursuing his dream to become a chef.

4: While there, he was recognized as a “genius in the kitchen” with “gifted hands” for any dish that he cooked. Browne completed his training and moved to Italy where he honed his culinary skills at The Zeppelin Ristorante in Orvieto.

5: He also became a member of the Alpha Lambda Delta National Honor Society before graduating from the Culinary School of the Art Institute.

6: Over the course of seven years, Chef Kashif traveled and worked New York at the Mercer Kitchen and in Las Vegas at Poppyden Las Vegas by ANGELO SOSA, gradually becoming a noted chef. Some of his notable portfolio entries include working as a private chef for events for the French Ambassador’s Residence; the Sheryl Crow and Kid Rock concerts and the Grammy Awards Ceremony.

7: Chef Kashif joined the White House in September 2017 as a Sous Chef and is now an executive sous chef, a full-time job at the residence of the White House, where he caters to the First Family of the United States of America.

8: He says he has become increasingly grateful to the “erudite chefs” who taught him along the way, sharing their techniques, recipes and some of the great secrets of cooking and strives while he loves French and Asian Cuisine, he tries to deliver Caribbean, and more so, Guyanese flavor in all of his dishes.

9: Chef Kashif is married to Guyanese Dental Surgeon and his high school sweetheart, Dr. Sulan Fung and together they have two sons.

10: He says he lives his life through the philosophical words of Albert Einstein, who once said, “try not to become a man of success, but rather a man of value.”

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