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By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. July 26, 2019: Can I wake up now? Is it over yet?

 Wow, just in the nick of time so I can write this week’s episode.

I made the mistake of watching the so-called Congressional hearings on Wednesday, “featuring” (that is meant to be a joke), Robert Mueller. If you think he had a hard time staying awake what about the rest of us?

I fell into such a deep sleep it was almost impossible to wake myself. The only thing worse is watching CNN with the endless talking heads about this hearing.

What we did find out Wednesday is that there is no limit to how many times you can ask the same question – over and over – or make the same comment. There is NO limit folks.

Thank God these members of Congress couldn’t even take it after a while, or it would still be going on.

The REAL question is why are some Democrats so desperate to lose the 2020 election that they insist on shoving Robert Mueller and his so-called report down our throats over and over and over again?

One reason is it is guaranteed to get them face time on CNN.

Looking for a better or any other logical reason? Stop looking, there isn’t any. As for the hearings Wednesday, the only thing the rest of us learned except how to easily fall asleep, is how very good Robert Mueller is at saying: “I’m not going to talk about that.” He did so more than 100 times! A record.

Here is the original way the DC journal Roll Call characterized the Mueller testimony with this novel headline to an article …..

“DC couldn’t Even Fill A Bar On Mueller Day,” which begins: “D.C. denizens have long treated politics as a spectator sport. They invent drinking games for the State of the Union. Friends console each other while watching election night returns. And yes, bars open early for a certain House Judiciary hearing on 2016 election interference.”

This reporter goes on to make the point this was a non-event in even politics obsessed Washington, D.C. Nobody cared about Mueller or what he said. You would need to like broken records to find Mueller interesting.

The bars were mostly empty for Robert Mueller. I’ll add humorously there was no bar to how boring this hearing was. Or useless.

Which in convoluted fashion brings me back to The Squad. No, they were nowhere to be seen Wednesday. In fact, they are nowhere to be seen at all but just as a case can be made, they might as well be working for the Trump re-election committee and the same can be said about Robert Mueller.

To add further proof to this theory, guess what logic-challenged Democratic Congressman Jerry Nadler, who chaired the circus on Wednesday, had previously stated in Roll Call.

“I think it’s important for the American people to see and to hear what the report found and hear questions about it,” he added. “Part of the function of Congress, just the same as Watergate hearings 40 years ago, to have a dialogue with the American people so people can make informed decisions and know what’s going on.”

Goal accomplished Jerry. And the result was disastrous.

 So, where do we go from here? The only good news is that Mueller is done. But Nadler and the others certainly are not. They are going to shove Mueller’s report down everyone’s throat every day until Election Day 2020, no matter how much doing so helps Donald Trump get enough Electoral College votes to win a second term next year. Why????

Are they working for Trump undercover? It is the only plausible answer to their madness. They want to remind us again and again and then again that the very lengthy Mueller report accuses Donald Trump of NO crimes.

That is the only message that counts where it counts in Swing States, not in New York or California, where Trump could not win even if he was God. Trump and the Republicans do not care about New York or California or about 20 other states, and neither should Democrats when it comes to the Presidential election in November 2020. Go where the real votes are!

Trump and the Republicans care all about the Swing States and so should Democrats. I’m sorry, yes, they do. They are trying to do all they can to convince the swing voters there who got Trump elected in 2016 again, as they did then, by demonizing Trump in ways that made swing voters identify themselves with Trump because they too feel they are unfairly treated.

So now their “weapon” of choice is the Mueller report, which they use to taunt Donald Trump every day with impeachment, which is not going to happen or if it did, would just increase Trump’s victory margin next year.

The Democratic Big Wigs from places like California and New York live in an alternative universe where they NEVER see the kind of campaign ads and the type of strategy the Trump campaign will use effectively to swing enough voters in key states they need to re-elect Trump President again.

In fact you will see NO Trump campaign ads in New York or California or many other states because they have no value there. The Trump campaign will concentrate all their resources where it counts and in those states.

Robert Mueller and his report and the Democrats in DC SCREAMING for Trump’s impeachment make PERFECT material for Trump’s re-election.

Wait … more, late breaking new from my new media partner Roll Call …

This new headline: “After Mueller testimony, Pelosi, Democratic chairs crack door on impeachment” with a story that begins …

“Speaker Nancy Pelosi and three Democratic chairs of committees investigating President Donald Trump’s alleged misconduct cracked the door to eventually launching impeachment proceedings against the President Wednesday, using rhetoric that made it sound like that is where their investigations are headed.”

“When we go down this path, we want it to be unifying for our country, not divided. And that’s why we want it to be the strongest possible case,” Pelosi told reporters Wednesday evening after former Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller III testified before the House Judiciary and Intelligence committees about his report on Russian interference in the 2016 elections.” 


“When we go down this path (impeachment), we want it to be unifying for our country, not divided. That why we want it to be the strongest possible case,” Pelosi told reporters Wednesday evening.”

Wait there is more …

“President Lincoln said public sentiment is everything,” the California Democrat continued. “Well, in order for the public to have the sentiment, the public has to know. So hopefully we’ll be messengers of the truth to the public. We think today was really a milestone in making that sentiment.”

And how about this bizarre logic from Nancy  .. “In one of her more telling comments regarding impeachment, Pelosi said, “The stronger our case is, the worse the Senate will look for letting the President off the hook.”

Interpretation …. We know we will lose in the Senate and Trump will be found NOT guilty but we will win anyway with the American people.

 Where Nancy? In California and New York and Massachusetts!

 Welcome to the New Twilight Zone, where too many Democrats live.

IMAGINE if they put all this energy into WINNING in 2020.

 Sorry, I forgot we are in the New Twilight Zone. Too bad for all of us.

 On a very positive note let me wish my publisher Happy Birthday!


EDITOR’S NOTE: About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.

(This series dedicated in honor of the late Liu Xiaobo & Jamal Khashoggi)

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