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By NAN Business Editor

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Aug. 24, 2018: Gas prices for a gallon of regular gas in the US has been wavering just around or under $3 in most states but in 11 Caribbean nations, nationals have been forced to shell out over US $4 and as much as US$7.33 for a gallon of regular gas.

1: In Barbados, a gallon of gas this week set many back US$7.33, the highest for any Caribbean nation according to Global Petrol Prices.

2: In Belize, a gallon of gas costs nationals and residents US $5.82, the second highest in the region.

Here are the other nations will gas will cost you over US $4.

3: The Bahamas – US $4.94

4: Grenada –  US $4.92

5: The Cayman Islands – US $4.90

6: Dominican Republic – US $4.83

7: Cuba – US $4.69

8: Jamaica – US $4.67

9: Aruba – US $4.58

10: St. Lucia – $4.30

11: Guyana – US $4.10

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