Bands To Look For At Today’s Caribbean Carnival In Brooklyn, NY

Dingolay Mas is hitting the Parkway in regal purple today. (Instagram image)
Dingolay Mas is hitting the Parkway in regal purple today. (Instagram image)

By NAN ET Editor

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Mon. Sept. 4, 2017: It’s THE day many Caribbean New York fans of carnival have been waiting for all year – West Indian Labor Day Carnival. The Caribbean Carnival Parade will kick off at Schenectady and Eastern Parkway at 11am and end at Grand Army Plaza by 6 pm. Here are 32 bands to look for at the carnival today according to organizers, West Indian American Day Carnival Association, (WIADCA).

1: Antoine International which will be portraying ‘Caribbean Sickness.’

2: Backyard Republik which will be showcasing ‘Sands of Time – Rulers of Egypt.’

3: Bajan Paradise in Association with Island Paradise which will portray Exotic Treasures The Art of Seduction.

4: Boom Mas which will portray World Treasures.

5: Caribbean Power Jam which will showcase Day 2 Nite.

6: Cocoa Diamond Productions which will portray Alice IN Wonderland.

7: Cocoritehouse Jabjab Productions which will showcase The Obeah In We Act 3 – The Pilgrimage.

8: D’Midas International which will showcase Glitz & Glamour – a Parade of Beauty on Display.

9: Detailz Mas Production will portray HSSSS: SKIN 2 SKIN.

10: Devine Mas is set to showcase “What Ya Drinking.”

11: Dingolay Mas will showcase Morado Royalty  (Purple).

12:  DJ Morrishaw Productions is set to showcase ‘Feel Da Vibes.’

13: Freaks Mas will portray The Forbidden Garden.

14: Gemini Productions will showcase Color Blaz.

15: Greenz United Mas will feature ALOHA.

16: Kaietuer Waves is set to feature Luminosity (The Seduction Of the Art)

17: Kaios International Mas Band/The Promise will showcase Time Machine – Then, Now and Future.

18: Karib Mas is set to showcase Whiteish.

19: Karnival Junkiez will feature The Spirit of Gaia.

20: Mango Tree Productions will showcase Tribes in Splendor.

21: Mas Production Unlimited is set to feature Education in Rhythm & Rhyme.

22:Messiah International will feature BEJEWELED.

23: New Horizon will portray Everyting Beautiful.

24: One Destiny Mas will feature Supernova – The Fire Within.

25: Ramajay Mas INC will showcase Opulence.

26: Rhythm Catcher International will portray Five Elements.

27: RockFam Lame will feature Haitian Folk.

28: Stronjeh Intl. is coming down with Party on the Parkway.

29: Sesame Flyers International Inc. returns with La Vie.

30: Suga Candy Mas will portray Coming to America.

31: Sweet Micky will spotlight of President King & Queens of Haiti and

32: Tropical Fete will portray A Child’s Dreame, A World to Explore.