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office-moving-101News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Sat. Sept. 2, 2017: At first glance, it may seem an extremely difficult task to organize office moving from one place to another. What to say about an office with 100 or even more employees. In fact, it is not as black as you are painted if you plan everything properly. Office moving is a pre-planned process that must be done in several stages. Having ordered cargo transportation, you can move vases, archives, furniture, electronics, kitchen appliances, and safes with no problems. The most important thing here is to carefully sort and pack the shipment. In order to move in the shortest possible time, a team should know the procedure of operation and do everything in a well-planned order.

 How to Assure a Safe Office Moving?

For everything to work out safely, you need to clearly and thoroughly approach the process of moving. You should plan all the things to do before you move; even the smallest detail should be taken into account. It is very important that after moving, all the furniture, equipment, and appliances are without the slightest damage. Before moving, you should ask a specialist to view the office and prepare a plan of actions. In no case, you should cut corners on packaging; all things must be packed carefully. Otherwise, you risk overpaying for damaged appliances.

The Process of Moving

  • A moving specialist makes an office moving plan. He prepares the transported equipment, documentation, furniture, and discusses certain conditions.
  • On the “moving” day, which is agreed in advance by both parties, the vehicle arrives with a team of professional movers. First of all, the equipment is dismantled and packed. At the request of the customer, it is also possible to mark things.
  • The next stage is the transportation of the agreed property to the specified place. After arriving at the specified address, all the items are unloaded, unpacked, and moved to the correct place.

Considering the need for the thorough preliminary preparation and organization of the office relocation, the company management should pay attention to the following:

  • Carefully plan the process of transportation; decide what interior items will be needed in a new place.
  • If the number of items for transportation is high enough, do not waste time trying to transport them yourself. Only a moving company will be able to quickly and carefully deliver all the pieces to a new place.
  • Dismantling and packing of furniture and electronics is an important part of the work, which ensures the safety of the company’s property. Therefore, you should not try to speed up the process of moving.
  • The transportation of computer equipment and safes requires special attention. One wrong move will cost a lot to you and your company.

All in all, office moving is a complex task. Only a proper planning and hiring a professional moving agency can assure a successful moving in short terms.


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