Trump’s America – Episode # 32 – Return To The Moon

Moon Rising Over America


Moon Rising Over America

By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Sept.1, 2017: Along with all his increasing FAILURES President Trump may have, and in the midst of the devastation in Texas, I will boldly turn my attention his week to a far larger issue – our future in space and the potential for one MAJOR success Trump may have in spite of all his other travails.

A success he might not get credit for until many years after his Presidency ends.

One incredible success to be remembered for and change history …. Shut DOWN the Mars Madness and head America back to the Moon. Important FREE advice for President Trump from Trump’s America.

The reason for some optimism here is based on the individual Trump has nominated to head NASA Oklahoma Congressman Jim Bridenstine who is also a military pilot and currently Lieutenant Commander in the U.S. Navy Reserve who served in both Iraq and Afghanistan a genuine American hero type ….

Believes in United States return to the Moon as I do. Now Bridenstine has not been approved yet because Congressional approval is required and we have been blessed that Congress has been on a long summer vacation where they can do less damage than in Washington, DC.  But when they return from all their frolicking in the sun and collecting campaign again cash from their wealthy and often sleazy benefactors, Bridenstine should be in.

So let’s turn from him and to the great mission he may embrace.


Let me begin by taking the easy road here to begin since after all this is the start of a Holiday weekend the END of summer ( Praise the Lord ) and since I am overworked and underpaid I deserve a break here in Trump’s America. So here is my post to the WSJ article about the NASA nominee recently.

So allow me to quote myself here which is kind of weird to do but…

“The best thing Bridenstine can do is end the Mars Madness. Space Cadet Barack Obama a sucker for bad ideas was all in for Mars. In fact Bridenstine should shut OFF all those Mars rovers. They are worthless. Mars is one gigantic desert. No different if NASA put them in the Sahara. All they would ever find is sand. It’s the same on Mars.”

“Let Idiot Savant Elon Musk fund Mars missions go there himself please!”

“The REAL action is on the Moon within sight of Earth just 3 days away. Where we will reclaim our LEADERSHIP in space. With all the Billion $$ NASA has wasted on Mars TODAY we would have thriving expanding human colonies on the Moon and everyone else would be eating our Moon dust for generations to come while we use the lunar surface as our stepping stone to wider horizons including Mars eventually when it becomes realistic to do so.”

“Going back to the Moon can be Trump’s one BIG achievement as President with Bridenstine leading the way as NASA Administrator!”


The fact is most American suck up to the Mars nonsense as of course the media and most so called leaders. Because that is what they all do too often. Buy into whatever BS  sounds good no matter how implausible, wasteful or illogical. That is the reason our society runs so poorly for the most part. Manipulated by special interests who peddle their nonsense because it is good for them even though bad for everyone else.

And guess who was the biggest cheer leader for the Mars NONSENSE the last 8 years you are right as you know from Obama’s America right here it was “space cadet” President Barack Obama who as usual did not have clue.

Why did Obama support the Mars mission because he thought it was “cool” why because all his celebrity friends and all the special interests he kissed up to thought it was “cool” and most of all because Obama thought it would make him look ”cool” and then as an EX-President being “cool” he could make himself even that much richer. ENOUGH Obama I agree!

Back to the topic at hand ….

Going back to the Moon for the first time since December 1972 …

FORTY FIVE years ago how is that possible?

IMAGINE if after Columbus First Voyage that was it. He and no one else from Europe ever went back to the New World and today what we call the United States NEVER existed. I sure don’t like that scenario.

Walking on the Moon the GREATEST adventure in human history and what kind of society and nation would NOT go back for 45 years and have NO plans either to do so in the future.

ANSWER … a pathetically brain DEAD nation without leadership!

But in these last 45 years making it even worse the United States government has WASTED hundreds of BILLIONS $$$ on space “junk” the Space Station that only exists so we have somewhere to send humans in space, the Space Shuttle that only existed to be able to send humans to the useless Space Station and worst of all Billions $$ spent sending probe after probe and rover after rover to the DEAD far away planet of Mars the biggest and harshest desert in our universe. What have we found on Mars …….

Nothing but endless desert of course while nurturing an absurd impossible fantasy that we can send humans to Mars which is and will be impossible for many decades to come for a host of very significant reasons and at a cost of many hundreds of Billions $$$$ if we could which we can’t, and what would they find there if they could NOTHING but endless desert.

How much has the U.S. spent on the Moon the last 45 years almost nothing. Had we spent all that other $$$ we WASTED on the Space Station, the Space Shuttle and Mars and spent it on the Moon today …

The United Stars would “own” the Moon and the future of space and we would have numerous human colonies on the Moon and hundreds if not thousands of Americans and others each temporarily working and living on the Moon ONLY 3 days away from Earth unlike Mars more than 18 months away if we could even get humans there safely which we cannot.

I could go on and on and on about what we have lost not going back to the Moon but I do not need to do so. You either understand and appreciate what I am writing here or you do not.

Rather let me conclude and make my point by calling your attention to  photo yes photo of the dramatic Moon rise over Earth that begins this episode. This proves best of all what we have wasted.

IMAGINE if today as was quite possible if all 7 Billion plus humans every man, woman and child on Earth could look up at the Moon in the nighttime sky and see the twinkling lights of  dozens of human colonies dotting the lunar surface and know the magic of “seeing” ourselves in Space every night on the Moon and around the Moon in ever increasing numbers looking at us.

That ladies and gentlemen boys and girls would be a shared RELIGIOUS experience of our common humanity and our vast potential as humans. To truly inspire us all and to work together on Earth as on the Moon.

Instead the Moon is left alone with no American or other human presence.

So as much as I am a constant critic of President Trump, and no matter what he thinks of the Moon if by appointing his new NASA Administrator America FINALLY begins to go back to the Moon, and even if Trump does nothing else of value for this one reason alone history may record …

Donald J. Trump as a great American President?

(This entire series is dedicated in honor of Liu Xiaobo)

Arthur-Piccolo-ObamasAmerica EDITOR’S NOTE: About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.