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Some of the thousands of NYC 2014 Marathon runners on Sunday Nov 2, 2014. (TCS New York City Marathon image)

By NAN Sports Editor

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Mon. Nov. 3, 2014: The Caribbean was definitely in the house Sunday at the TSA New York City marathon with several nationals managing to run and finish the grueling 26.2 mile five-borough run with 20+ mph winds from Staten Island to Central Park, NYC.

One even managed to finish in less than three hours – though it was not nearly as close to the top finishers – Kenya’s Wilson Kipsang’s 2 hours, 10 minutes, 59 seconds and Mary Keitany’s 2:25:07.

Unofficial results last night showed some 152 runners representing a total of 17 countries in the English, Dutch and Spanish Caribbean managed to complete the 44th edition of the NYC Marathon Sunday, which drew a record 50,881 runners and even had the millionth finisher in its history.

The Dominican Republic fielded the most runners in the marathon with 41 representatives and actually saw the top place finisher for the entire region.

Twenty-nine-year-old Luciano Medina was the first place Caribbean finisher in a time of 2:59:39. He was the only Caribbean national to come in under three hours and placed 680th overall, the top for any Caribbean runner as well.

The full list of the Dominican Republic marathon finishers is available here.

Guyana’s Gregory Martins took the second top finish time for the region. The 44-year-old New Yorker finished first for the South American country in 03:05:11. He and four other Guyanese represented Guyana in the marathon. They were: Joseph Allicock, 53; Akintayo Holder, 37; Valarie Hing, 45 and Claudelle Trotman, 50.

Sixty-year-old Trinidad-based Elizabeth Agostini was a surprising top finisher in the marathon as well Sunday. She finished in a time of 3:39:02 to cop the top spot for T&T.

Agostini along with thirteen other runners represented Trinidad & Tobago. See the full list of finishers here.

Bermuda had 11 representatives including Geoffrey Blee, 49; Manuel Lopes, 55; Martin Merritt, 51; Helen Gillis-Cooze, 40; Joe Barbosa, 47; Emily Hopkin, 35; Anne Kermode, 43; Steven Dunkley, 54; Robin Holder, 45; Craig Macintyre, 44 and Cindy Fisher, 37. The top place finisher for Bermuda was Blee with a time of 3:16:12.

Seven runners represented Jamaica including Kingston-based, Nicholas Scott, 34 who finished in a time of 4:11:09. The top place finisher for Jamaica was Joseph Mcgibbon, 40, in a time of 3:54:11. Other finishers were Jelle  Marcus, 25; Tameka David, 34; Tanesha Davis, 34; Michael Spence, 45 And Les-Ann Woolcock, 36.

The Bahamas was represented by six runners including: Philip Cumming, 42; James Bodie, 60; Ebbie Jackson, 50; Linda Williams, 56; Bien Sen Du, 58 and Latoya Dean, 38. The top finisher from the Bahamas was Cumming in a time of 3:58:19.

Grenada’s Philomena Robertson with her medal on Sunday Nov. 2, 2014. (Facebook image)

Grenadians Winston Bell, 60; Philomena Robertson, 40 and Anderson Simon, 52, director of the Child Protection Agency in Grenada, also completed Sunday. The top finisher for Grenada was Bell in a time of 3:20:04.

Jerry Bascombe and Dennis Mason did not finish unofficial results show. The Grenadians ran to raise funds for the charity, ‘reachwithin,’ (formerly known as Reach Grenada), which supports vulnerable Grenadian children and their caregivers.

Gregory Tannis, 37, and Bill Gross, 61 represented Antigua & Barbuda while Brenda Fotheringham 42, and Benedicte Patterson, 39, represented the British Virgin Islands. Tannis was the top finisher from Antigua with  a time of 4:36:56 while Fotheringham was the top placed finisher for the BVI in a time of 4:34:13.

Two Haitians also completed the marathon Sunday as did two runners from St. Vincent & the Grenadines.

The Haitians finishers were 22-year-old Carline Lamour from California and Ralph Dorcin, 32 of New York City. Lamour was the top finisher from Haiti in a time of 03:23:44.

St. Vincent was represented by Kimroy Yorke, 27 and Jacqueline Gregg, 47. Yorke was the top finisher for SVG in a time of 3:17:25.

Grant Titre 36; Waverly Richards, 44; and Priscilla Paquette, 42, meanwhile, represented Dominica with Grant finishing first for the country in 3:32:40.

Terry Griffith, 59 who lives in Maryland was the lone representative of Barbados and finished in a time of 4:58:35 while Damian Lopez Alfonso, 38, ran for Cuba and completed in 4:59:16.

Marc Hermsen, 35, was also the lone runner representing Curacao while Nicholas Jean-Baptiste, 55, was the only person representing St. Lucia and Juan Pigot, 39, the sole runner representing Suriname.

Hermsen finished in a time of 3:30:12 while Jean-Baptiste completed in 6:13:43.

Pigot finished in a time of 3:48:11.

The race included 7,000 charity runners who raised $25 to 30 million for important causes while approximately 10,000 volunteers served runners in all five boroughs and one million spectators lined the course to give the athletes the motivation they needed to reach the finish.


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