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By NAN Business Editor

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. July 9, 2021: The Cost of Living Index for several top Caribbean countries are in for mid-2021, thanks to Numbeo. Here’s where these countries surveyed ranked. These indices are relative to New York City (NYC).

The Cost of Living Plus Rent Index is an estimation of consumer goods prices including rent comparing to New York City while the Groceries Index is an estimation of grocery prices in the city compared to New York City.

The Restaurants Index is a comparison of prices of meals and drinks in restaurants and bars compared to NYC while the Local Purchasing Power shows relative purchasing power in buying goods and services in a given city for the average net salary in that city. If domestic purchasing power is 40, this means that the inhabitants of that city with an average salary can afford to buy on an average 60% less goods and services than New York City residents with an average salary.

Here’s How These Caribbean Countries Stack Up

CountryCost Of Living  Plus Rent IndexGroceries IndexRestaurants IndexLocal Purchasing Power
The Bahamas61.5170.6383.6146.07
Puerto Rico45.8970.3158.2361.16
Trinidad & Tobago37.2853.3753.7834.85
Dominican Republic27.1537.6634.5518.80
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