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NEWS AMERICAS, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Jan. 18, 2024: Caribbean cuisine was put in the global spotlight this week by the New York Times as the paper focused on some top Caribbean born chefs making waves across the United States.

They include Guyanese-born Tavel Bristol-Joseph, chef and owner of Canje in Austin, Texas, who draws inspiration from his Guyanese heritage. He introduced Guyanese pepperpot, a dish featuring long-simmered beef with spices like cinnamon and allspice, to his menu. To ensure authenticity, he sourced cassareep, a bitter cassava juice, from Guyana. Bristol-Joseph also adds a Texan touch to his Guyanese pepperpot by using wild boar, an invasive species in Texas, and local herbs.

Guyana Pepperpot

Incorporating local ingredients and flavors into classic Caribbean dishes is a trend seen in many of these restaurants. Lisa Nelson, a Trinidadian chef in New Orleans, puts her spin on doubles, a Trinidadian flatbread, using crawfish, a local delicacy while chefs like Rashida Holmes, co-owner of Bridgetown Roti in Los Angeles, are encouraged by the emergence of new Caribbean chefs across the United States. She believes that the celebration of diverse cuisines is gaining momentum, and there’s potential for even more Caribbean culinary experiences to thrive.

As these chefs continue to explore and celebrate the diverse flavors and stories of the Caribbean, diners can look forward to a richer and more authentic culinary experience that goes beyond stereotypes and showcases the true essence of Caribbean cuisine.

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