News Americas, New York, NY, Dec. 11, 2023: Renowned Caribbean immigrant actor and playwright, David Heron, has earned a nomination for the 2023 Broadway World Rhode Island Award in the Best Supporting Performer category for his remarkable portrayal of Caliban in Shakespeare’s The Tempest.

The Colonial Theatre of Rhode Island presented this critically acclaimed production as part of their annual Shakespeare in The Park Festival, captivating audiences from July through August at Wilcox Park in Westerly, Rhode Island.

The winners of the 2023 awards will be determined by an online public vote, which is currently open and will continue until December 31 on Broadway World’s website. The announcement of the winners is expected in early January.

Among the nominees for this production are eight other talented actors, including Lee Fitzpatrick, Dylan Bowden, Charles Meier, Jason Guy, Matt Arnold, Peter Tedeschi, Lindsey Rodriguez, and Nicholas Byers. In total, The Tempest has received seventeen nominations, encompassing categories such as Best Play, Best Director (Marion Markham), Best Acting Ensemble, Best Choreography (by director Markham), as well as recognition for Lighting, Sound, Scenic, and Costume Design. The Colonial Theatre is also in contention for the Best Theatre for Young Audiences and Favorite Theatre of Rhode Island awards.

David Heron, r., as Caliban and Lee Fitzpatrick as Prospera in The Tempest. Photo Credit- Bridget Huss

Heron, originally from Jamaica and an award-winning playwright known for plays like “Against His Will,” “Ecstasy,” and “Intermission,” expressed his feelings about the nomination, which came as a surprise given his initial hesitation in accepting the role.

In Shakespeare’s The Tempest, the character of Caliban is portrayed as a colonized slave, living on an island that has been taken over by Prospero, a sorcerer. Caliban’s character has often been played by actors of color in contrast to Prospero and other characters frequently portrayed by Caucasian actors. Heron’s concern for the role’s portrayal and themes was amplified by these factors.

However, when director Marion Markham offered Heron the opportunity to audition for both Prospero and Caliban and assured him of her willingness to address any concerns about the script, Heron accepted the role. Ultimately, Lee Fitzpatrick, a talented actress, was cast as Prospera, further enriching the dynamics of the play.

Heron’s interpretation of Caliban presented a unique perspective, portraying him as a “fallen prince, colonized but unconquered, uneducated but highly intelligent.” His performance received critical acclaim, with critics describing it as “magnificent” and “a standout performance.”

While Heron acknowledges the tough competition in the gender-neutral category, he is grateful for the nomination and is content with the recognition his work has received. He also mentioned his involvement in the new television series “From Yard” and the staged reading presentation of his award-winning play “Against His Will” alongside actor-producer Malik Yoba.

The Broadway World Awards are a prestigious recognition of theatrical excellence presented annually by, a respected website covering theatre worldwide.

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