News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Mon. Dec. 11, 2023: An American chocolatier is now facing charges following the tragic discovery of a Canadian animator and his partner’s charred remains in a burned car near their Caribbean resort.

Dominican authorities revealed that the burnt bodies of Daniel Langlois, a renowned 3D animator whose company contributed to films like Jurassic Park and Titanic, and his partner, Dominique Marchand, were found last Friday, Dec. 1st, in a burned vehicle, several days after they were reported missing. Their remains were located approximately one mile from the Coulibri Ridge Eco Resort, which they jointly managed. Authorities believe the couple was murdered between November 30 and December 1.

DANIEL LANGOIS and partner murdered in Dominica.

Jonathan Lehrer, the owner of the chocolate company Bois Cotlette Estate, was taken into custody on Wednesday, Dec. 6th in Dominica in connection with the murders, as confirmed by police inspector Fixton Henderson. Additionally, Robert Snider, an American who had been staying on Lehrer’s property, faced charges related to the murders, according to Henderson. Lehrer’s wife and a Dominican man were also arrested in connection with the case but were not charged.

Following a brief court appearance last Wednesday, Lehrer and Snyder are currently detained at the Dominica State Prison.

Sherma Dalrymple, the director of public prosecutions in Dominica, addressed the media in a press conference this week, stating, “We fully understand the public interest which has been generated in respect of this matter. However, we will remain within the confines of the law and err on the side of caution by not disclosing any intrinsic and evidential details of the charges before the court.” She added, “We, however, are permitted to tell you the public that we will strongly do our prosecutorial duties and will work tirelessly to ensure that justice is served in this matter.”

Authorities believe the gruesome slaying may be tied to a long-standing feud between Langlois, 66, and Lehrer, 57, who owns a 53-acre chocolate and coffee plantation adjacent to the animator’s luxury resort.

Court documents reveal that in 2018, Langlois took Lehrer to court over their dispute concerning a public road that passes through Bois Cotlette’s estate. The disagreement began when Lehrer allegedly obstructed public access to the road using boulders, a trench, and metal pipes. Langlois argued that the road’s closure resulted in economic losses. In 2019, a High Court ruled that the road remained public and that Lehrer had no authority to obstruct Langlois’ guests’ right of way. The judge also ordered both men to engage in mediation, though it remains unclear if that process ever took place.

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