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By NAN ET Editor

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Jan. 10, 2020: Jamaican song writer, Flourgon, born Michael May, has finally made the settlement of his US$300 million lawsuit with Miley Cyrus public.

The lawsuit against Cyrus was settled late last year but Flougon only recently announced the settlement in a Reuters news story.

Flourgon sued Cyrus in March 2018, claiming that her song “We Can’t Stop” closely resembled his 1988 song “We Run Things,” which he called a reggae favorite as it was number one on the charts in Jamaica. He said that RCA Records, which is owned by Sony Corp, stole his material including the phrase “We run things. Things no run we,” which she sang as “We run things. Things don’t run we.”

May, Cyrus, Sony and other defendants filed a joint stipulation in Manhattan federal court ending the lawsuit with prejudice, meaning it cannot be filed again.

Cyrus’ lawyers said in a Dec. 12 letter that a settlement agreement had been signed, and that the stipulation would be filed “pending payment of the settlement proceeds.”

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