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News Americas, MARIGOT, Saint Martin, Fri. Sept. 22, 2023: Get ready to indulge in a culinary extravaganza as the third edition of the ‘Festival de la Gastronomie of St. Martin’ is set to enthrall food enthusiasts from November 11 to 22, 2023. Organized by the French Saint-Martin Tourist Office, this event promises a delectable experience in the heart of the Caribbean’s culinary capital.

The festival program has been unveiled, and it guarantees unique and exceptional experiences on St. Martin, an island renowned for its diverse and rich culinary heritage. This year, the spotlight shines on the dynamic flavors of red sorrel, also known as hibiscus, as the chosen ingredient.

During the festival, talented chefs will craft Caribbean Tasting Menus featuring the selected ingredient, and their culinary creations will be assessed by a panel of experts. The winner will be crowned as the ‘Best Restaurant of St. Martin.’ Food aficionados can savor these delectable dishes at participating establishments from November 11 to 22.

The Culinary Village, located on the Marigot seafront, will be open from November 17 to 19, providing a hub of gastronomic delights near the Tourist Office kiosk. Cooking enthusiasts can also look forward to exciting cooking classes at Marina Fort Louis, scheduled for November 15 (for children), November 18, and November 19 (for adults).

In addition to celebrating exquisite cuisine, the festival spotlights two essential aspects of St. Martin’s culture: barbecue and mixology. The BBQ competition, featuring grilling champions, will sizzle on Thursday, November 16, along Rue de la République in Marigot. The competition to determine the ‘Best Mixologist of St. Martin’ will unfold throughout the festival, with the grand finale set for Tuesday, November 21. The ultimate showdown for the title of ‘Best Table of St. Martin 2023/2024’ will also take place on November 21.

Guests can kickstart their day on November 12 with a beachside breakfast at 978 Beach Restaurant, accompanied by live music during the ‘Taste of Sunrise’ event. The Culinary Festival also plays a crucial role in nurturing the younger generation studying in St. Martin’s Daniella Jeffry vocational high school. Renowned guest chefs will conduct step-by-step cooking demonstrations for students on November 13, followed by a culinary competition judged by experts.

On the evening of November 13, the Tourist Office presents a unique “Cocktail & Food Pairing” event that combines fine dining and mixology for epicureans. The grand closing gala for the Culinary Festival is scheduled for Wednesday, November 22, where the victors of various competitions will be revealed.

The festival’s diverse lineup features renowned chefs from different backgrounds, including Michelin-star chef Patrick Jeffroy, culinary consultant Laurent Huguet, chef Frédéric Cyr, cheese expert Xavier Thuret, private chef Anto Cocagne, head chef Xavier Isabal, Top Chef finalist Arnaud Delvenne, tropical flavors ambassador Teheiura Teahui, Creole cuisine specialist Leslie Belliot, street food champion Christophe Boyer, Brazilian chef João Diamante, culinary TV star Lorna Boboua do Sacramento, and fitness chef Mareya Ibrahim.

The mixology competition will be hosted by bartender Mia Mastroianni, mixology expert Phil Wills, and trendsetter Arthur Sutley, with special guest appearance by Kevin Bludso, the renowned American pitmaster and author.

This year’s Culinary Festival will also shine a spotlight on two talented St. Martin chefs, Angéla Marcenat and Mallory Leroux, who have made their mark in the culinary world.

The third edition of the ‘Festival de la Gastronomie of St. Martin’ promises an exceptional gastronomic journey filled with creativity and culinary excellence. Don’t miss out on this delectable event!

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