By NAN Food Editor

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Nov. 25, 2021: A top Caribbean American artist is putting the flavor of the region into her Thanksgiving dinner.

Grammy-winning rapper Cardi B teamed up with Facebook Messenger and Instagram again for the latest episode of “Cardi Tries___,” where the superstar learns how to whip up Thanksgiving dinner.

In the episode, Cardi is joined by Ciara and all-star chef Kwame Onwuachi as they learn how to prepare a dinner menu of Jerk turkey, mac and cheese, rice and peas, and of course dessert, with Cardi infusing her Caribbean roots into the homemade dishes.

The episode shows fans how Cardi marinates the turkey with Jerk seasoning while Ciara adds the stuffing and follows the ladies as they banter about making rice and peas in traditional Caribbean style, all while playing a fun game “this or that.”

In a clip, Chef Kwame instructs the rapper to stir coconut milk, chicken stock, and ginger-garlic puree into the rice dish.

“Oh, you love yourself some ginger-garlic puree,” Cardi, whose roots extend to the Dominican Republic and Trinidad and Tobago says, playfully.

“It adds so much flavor,” he explains.

Of the process, Cardi admits, “I just felt like I been getting lied to my whole life because it’s like… when your family does it, they put like the bags on top of it, and they do it in a very old pot. And he just did it so simple like the young kids’ way.”

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