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By NAN Staff Writer

NEW YORK, NY, Fri. April 17, 2020: The number of Caribbean immigrants in New York City dying from the dreaded coronavirus continues to grow, and while there are no exact number from the city on this specific demographic, the official map of zip codes where the virus is the highest, show many are in predominantly Caribbean American populated neighborhoods in southeast Queens, Brooklyn and the Bronx according to a New Americas analysis.

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All three boroughs have been hit hard by the virus. Zips codes 11411 and 11429 in Queens, NY, which includes areas like Cambria Heights and Queens Village, are largely enclaves of foreign-born Caribbean immigrants.

Both zip codes are home primarily to middle-class Jamaicans, Haitians,  Grenadians and Guyanese, a News Americas analysis of City Data showed with a smattering of other West Indians including Dominicans, Barbadians and Trinidad and Tobagonians. Most have a college degree, are naturalized US citizens, own their own homes and earn a medium income of $47,370.

But according to the NYC data, almost 73-70 percent, respectively, of those tested for the virus are positive here.

In Zip codes 11234 and 11236, which includes areas like east Flatbush, Canarsie and Flatlands, the majority of the population are Haitians, Jamaicans and Grenadians as well with a smaller percentage of Vincentians, Guyanese, Bahamians and Trinis, the city data shows an estimated 937 – 2,563 cases.

In Bronx zip codes like 10465 and 10461, the foreign-born population is largely Dominican with a sliver of Jamaicans and Haitians while in Zip code 10469 the population is primarily Haitians and Jamaicans as well as some Dominicans with most having high school diplomas only and living below the poverty line. NYC data show that there are 937 – 2,563 positive COVID-19 cases there, of those tested for the virus.

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