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By NAN Staff Writer

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Thurs., Mar. 18, 2021: Jamaica may be around 14.14 billion U.S. dollars in debt, but its brand is so renown that major companies continue to jump on to its bandwagon in order to increase their bottom line.

Counts Clarks footwear among the companies now appropriationing the country’s national colors to increase its profits.

Clarks, however, says its simply its pay of “paying homage” to the Jamaican culture and its long-standing affiliation with the island. Its new “Jamaica Pack” collection has just been released for spring ’21.

It features three of the brand’s most iconic silhouettes – the Desert Boot, Wallabee, and Desert Trek, each style comes in shades of yellow, green and black, representing Jamaica’s national flag. It also features the flag’s gold saltire emblem throughout.

Jamaicans and many Caribbean nationals have a long-standing history of loving Clarks.

LionRock Capital now owns Clarks, acquiring a majority stake in the 196-year-old English business for an investment of £100 million this month. Victor Herrero is now the executive chairman and CEO, replacing Giorgio Presca. Gary Champion remains as president of Clarks Americas.

The entire pack will drop on and over the course of April.

Clarks is the latest brand to tap into Brand Jamaica. Recently, top fashion designer Louis Vuitton released a ‘Jamaica-inspired’ line of clothing, but they mixed up the colors of the country’s national flag in a pricey high-end fashion line, which included a $US1,366 sweater and jumper, initially described one item as a ‘Jamaican striped sweatshirt.’ Additionally, the other description read ‘Jumper with a striped design inspired by the national flag of the Caribbean island.’ 

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