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NEWS AMERICAS, GEORGETOWN, Guyana, Thurs. Dec. 15, 2022: A Nigerian immigrant is in custody in the oil rich South American nation of Guyana after he stabbed a presidential guard after trying to see the country’s President.

Guyana police say they are continuing their investigation into the attack at the country’s State House earlier today with Crime Chief Wendell Blanhum telling INews that the Guyana Police Force is engaging Interpol to ascertain if the Nigerian suspect, 25-year-old Bethel Chinze, has any criminal records.

Chinze reportedly arrived in Guyana on March 13, 2020 and is presently employed with a cleaning service company. Today, he reportedly presented himself at State House’s security checkpoint at Carmichael Street at around 07:30 hrs and requested to speak with Guyana President Dr Irfaan Ali. He was told by security that he has to be processed.

At the time, he was carrying a pouch. The suspect reportedly opened the pouch, took out a black-handled knife and attacked one of the guards, Telon Perriera who sustained five stab wounds.

The injured guard reportedly held onto the suspect and a scuffle ensued. Chinze managed to disarm a female security officer and discharged several rounds.

Another security officer then opened fire, hitting the suspect who eventually collapsed. Both the injured guard and the suspect were taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital. The suspec underwent emergency surgery and his condition is regarded as stable.

Perriera was treated and admitted. President Dr. Irfaan Ali has since met with the relatives of the guard during a visit to the hospital.

Police said a 9MM pistol and seven 9MM spent shells were retrieved. Investigations are ongoing.

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