Terry Holder

News Americas, TAMPA, FL, Fri. Jan. 10, 2013: The life of veteran Guyana-born broadcaster and communications expert, Terry Holder, will be celebrated this Saturday as the ‘Caribbean Forum’ show on the Uhuru Radio Network pays tribute to the former Deputy Manager of the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph, (GT&T).

Holder, 73, passed away at his Bel Air Park, Guyana home after a period of illness on January 8, 2014.

On Caribbean Forum, radio host and actor, Ron Bobb-Semple, will chat with Holder’s daughter, Dawn Holder, broadcast colleagues Vic Insanally and Enrico Woolford, and former West Indies Cricketer, Lance Gibbs on the legacy of the Queen’s College alumnus from 9-11 a.m. ET on Saturday January 11th.

Catch the show @ www.ronbobb-semple.com or listen in on your land line, I-phone or I-pad by dialing 1-425-905-1825 and follow the prompts.

Tributes will be welcome via call-in telephone number 1-727-565-1599.

Holder was born in Skeldon, Guyana in 1940 and went on to attend QC, the country’s top high school, in 1952 with the likes of Dr. Walter Rodney, Dr. Walter Ramsahoye and Ewart Thomas, who is now a professor at Stanford University in the United States.

He played cricket with Deryck Murray, former West Indies wicket keeper; ran with Wendell Motley who ended up getting a silver and a bronze medal at the 1964 Summer Olympics in Tokyo; and even played football and scored against Lincoln Phillips, hailed as probably the best goal keeper in Trinidad, according to Kaiteur News Guyana.

In 1968, he became Programme Director at the Guyana Broadcasting Service and in 1980, was elected President of the CBU.

In 1992, he began working with the new telephone company (Guyana Telephone & Telegraph Company).