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News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. April 17, 2020: Like lentils soup, dahl is a popular dish in some Indo-Caribbean households, especially in Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago and Suriname. It is usually served with rice or roti. It’s simple and easy to make and quite nutritious as well. Here’s how to make it easily in a pressure cooker.


1 cup yellow split peas, washed
 1 tbsp. roasted ground cumin
 1 tbsp. turmeric
2 tbsp oil
 1/4 tsp. whole cumin seeds
 8 cloves garlic, cleaned and sliced
Salt to taste
½ of a habanero pepper with seeds taken out


Place pressure cooker on the stove on medium heat.

Add 1 tbsp oil

Once oil is hot, add in the washed split peas along with the turmeric, ground cumin, seven cloves of the chopped garlic, salt and the pepper.

Let all ingredients fry in together for a few minutes.

Add water to cover the ingredients and put pressure cooker cover on.

Let it pressure for about 15 minutes.

Remove pressure cooker and place in sink under water.

Once the steam has been released, open pressure cooker and return to stove without cover.

Use a masher or hand blender to ensure all of the cook split peas is thoroughly blended into a liquid.

Taste for salt.

Remove from heat and using a steel ladle or pot spoon, add the second tbsp oil and the rest of the garlic along with the cumin seeds.

Place directly on heat and let is cook until the garlic blackens.

Add to the dahl and cover.

Serve hot with rice and a side dish of veggies like callaloo, pumpkin, chickpeas curry or other curries or with roti.

Bon Appetite

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